Poetry Marathon Submission #11


Background on Mars is black.
Stars bound. Gas sings in sibilant color;
Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange. 
A heaven worth of Skittle's.
Heaven born rainbows, freed from Earth.
Vast and breath catching,
frozen in the shade,
the universe encapsulates the planets.
Comets sling off meteoric tails,
Sending the burning to their death,
Or tailing them along in the distance.
Clouds, quarks, crystals, suns,
X-rays and the decay of atomic
Nuclei, penetrating gamma rays,
Alph waves and beta waves,
Cosmic Rays to destroy,
electromagnetic radiation
must be protected again.
Humans cannot stand before it,
in their most base form.
Someone speaking out about the effects
Of Earth's plant and animal life says"
"So far we are alone, just us."
Perhaps on Mars there were some bacteria,
Perhaps RNA and DNA were born in a puddle 
that dried under the supervision of rays.
A moving, living system of forces,
That smells like raspberry 
and tastes like rum.
I'm told that life is encouraged to live,
here out in the Universe around us.
Containing rays at light speed,
Gravity to move ships, rocket flight,
Shuttles and homes afar,
This is my dream: to live, to see.

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