Step Back Into Life – Poem 21/24

Dear Loved One,


I cannot express myself too clearly

When I vocalise the words

So I have decided

To write you this poem:


King of your castle, the world at your feet…

That’s how I prefer to see you my Sweet;

But the smile on your face seems different, today

As it touches your eyes in down tones of Gray.

The tone in your voice spells the fear in your heart,

Revealing a lifetime of bruises and scars.

Action speaks louder than words as you try

To disguise your wounded soul

While you silently cry

For moments and years that were twisted by fate,

And for time that was wasted through senseless debate.


But with me, dear Beloved, you don’t have to pretend –

Just relax in my presence – let me help you to mend

All that terrible brokenness – conquer all strife

As you slowly, but surely, step back into life.


Antoinette LeRoux © 2016


Image courtesy of Google Images

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