From my mouth, to my ear, to my brain,

such unbearable, excruciating, pulsating pain.

A cavity, it’s all about,

your wisdom, said the dentist, we must pull out.


I am a strong man, if you are not aware,

but dentists, they scare me, I do declare!

The needles and drills on the side, looks intimidating,

enough to almost send me in a frenzy of fainting


“Open your mouth wide, you’ll just feel a prick”

“Oh my word, the needle is the size of an ice-pick!”

My mouth goes numb as I clutched my wife’s hand in a vice grip of panic.

This scary dentist makes me sick, sick, sick.


With a heave and a pull and a crack and a blood curdling cry,

My wisdom is out, the experience, almost enough to make me die.

“Spit in this bowl, if you have any dribble”

“Unge! Unge! Unge! ” is all my numb mouth can mumble.


I am now less of a whizz and more dumb!

Bereft am I of any wisdom!




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