12. Gatherings post pandemic

Lockdowns and restrictions are rescinded,

gatherings are now permitted,

as the pandemic marches towards a decline,

with family and friends, we can now recline.


But wait!!!!

My mind is in anguished debate!

Am I ready for a forward surge?

From my cocoon to emerge?

To shed my safety covering ,

like a social butterfly, to be fluttering.


I will venture out, once again.

But before the worldly gatherings conspire to seduce,

at least let me enjoy, one more day to be a recluse!

4 thoughts on “12. Gatherings post pandemic

  1. Hello, Anwar,
    Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri. Foremost, I was struck by the parallel emotions and experiences I feel as I emerge from this pandemic. Can I even say I’m “emerging” as if it has ended?

    Second, I greatly enjoyed your butterfly and cocoon imagery. They symbolize the lightness and freedom that we have not experienced for many months .

  2. I agree with Jan and I am glad to hear I am not the only one still wondering, still feeling like I should remain on my own – but there is also a hopefulness in your poem with the imagery you write! Thank you!

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