3. The circle is broken

Just yesterday you were here

providing to us all your good cheer.

Now you are gone,

leaving us bereft, lost and forlorn.


Death has robbed us of your Company.

We are left with only your memory.

That we will never see you, or hear your voice again,

a realization so stark and filled with pain.


From us you have gone too far

We know that in the safety of God’s hands you are.

Sometime, in Paradise, may we all be re-united together,

With our loved ones, forever and ever.


( Dedicated to my 2 cousins who passed on and broke the circle)

One thought on “3. The circle is broken

  1. The personification of Death in the second stanza is effective as it is what has “robbed” you of their “good cheer.” So very sorry for your loss. You have written something touching in their memory.

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