1 more poem for good luck- Aqua PMC

We must  embrace and appreciate each day.

Always remember to have something nice to


Being in this time. Keep in mind, nobody

wants to whine.

Although we may vent about everything,

including the rent.

Stay positive, stay grounded, don’t go down,

we will not get pounded

into the ground

beneath it all,

we must always try to stand up tall,

believe in yourself with all your might.

Keep in mind,

nobody is always right. And good night.

-Aqua PMC

Post 11 PMC Aqua – Gliding

The true feeling of flying,

there would be no denying.

To glide, to soar.

We would never need an oar,

to guide us ,

through the waves of life.

Just let the air and the wind control your


take away any strife.

Don’t  you just love gliding through the air?

Will this remain a solo flight or shall we take

off as a pair?

Aqua Poem 10 The Importance

The importance of a shoulder to cry on is

very real.

The power of true admiration.

Not just someone to follow at your heel.

As we grow older, some souls continue this


Pure magic,

pure joy,

It’s just not right to learn to play with a soul,

to accidentally  torture,

a soul,

as if they are your  toy.

When one light recognizes the light in


Whether an amazing friendship, a partner, or

a lover.

Keep expressing yourself, communicate it


We just have to be sure to hold on and not to


In too deep amongst the ruins of your mind,

Keep on searching for that you wish to find.

Aqua PMC 6/26/20




Aqua Poem 9 Themed

The girl began to wake up, and lethargy set in as soon as she began to slowly open her eyes. She noticed a strange treeline out the cottage window,  nothing that was familiar. The wall was decorated with a few beautiful masks hanging up evently spaced, and there was a cold bowl of porridge on the table.

Suddenly, the heat crept into her face and took over her whole body, she began to feel her heart zoom and race, and felt so faint she sat down quickly. Like a firefly trapped in a bottle, she began to panic and light up all of her thoughts as quickly as they came in. She began to place them in order of importance.  How did I get here? Am I in danger, what should I do? Soon after, the door began to make the sound of a key and a  rattle as it began to open. Her fate may very well be on the other side.

Aqua poem 8

Her soul is asleep at last,

light and dark are things of the past,

the moon is full and all is still

finally she has given up are will

to breathe to move to want

the mind is a terrible thing to haunt,

emptinessis suddenly here

There is nothing left to fear

By Aqua PMC

Aqua Poem 7

I’m lost,

in a field of clouds.

The mist floats by,

opening a window of fire,

Heat rushes in to my safe place,

home fades away.

Aqua PMC shared 6/26/20

Aqua Poem 6



The birds,

Scary beings,

a lost soul is found hidden under so much pain,

her mind decays

burning inside,

a fire within.

But outside is beautiful,

will be,

somewhere else,





PMC Aqua 6/26/20

Aqua Post 5

Nowhere to run,

No escape ladder.

Sit and lay awake all night,

But I got a job to do,

Know I will survive,

I must survive,

in this world of unnecessary pain.

I won’t let go now,

I can’t give up.

To miss you Poem 4 themed

The feeling of your soft embrace again

Would produce such a light and energy,

however we never know when.



However somehow the hopes will never fail me.

To truly be by my side,

one must learn how to enjoy the ride.

The one who truly knows your soul,

When we don’t have to ponder, what is their ultimate goal

Forever, shall I miss our laughing moments

of pure bliss.

Only the dark side of you. It’s what forces


To continually miss.

And ponder the could have been

should have been

would have been.

Thoughts that will enter the mind.

And we must learn to put it all behind


The wait


For nothing,

Hope is fear,

Fear is hope,

A hope of something new.

Old is silent,


By Aqua PMC Shared 6/26/20