Prompt 12 – The Closet

Prompt 12 – Closet


The Closet


The closet is where his clothes hang

his favourite dinosaur T-shirts

his favourite shorts too.

Stuffed teddys sit on top guarding

it watching over him,

from time to time he’ll check for monsters

kids imaginations can run wild

but the fact he knows everything in the closet

brings him peace of mind

Prompt 11 – Extraordinary

Prompt 11 – Extraordinary


A new Pen


The invention of

a pen that writes down what you’re

thinking, would be cool


Imagine if it

also corrected grammar

itself, a scary thought


As cool as it is

it would take away basic

essential life skills


The thought of it was

cool, but honestly I think

I‘ll buy a new pen.

prompt 10 – What is Love

Prompt 10 – What is love


What is Love



love hurts,

some people

can’t help falling in love,

they make it their

love story,

at the end of the day

all you need is love,

once I was

crazy in love,

after we split

I’ll never love again,

was it actually

true love?

I know others who a great

love song,

I do believe

when love takes over,

then I can say

I believe in a thing called love,

maybe then I’ll say

I just called to say I love you,

now I just need

someone to love,

so if you have

somebody to love,

then ask them

can you feel the love.

Prompt 9 – Five words (Jacket, Bucket, Tremor, Elbow, Lightbulb)

Prompt 9 – Five Words (Jacket, Bucket, tremor, elbow, Lightbulb)


True Story


Along he came with a high vis jacket on,

then came another and another

begging the question,

how many men does it take to change a lightbulb?

Arms on the hips, elbows out

they looked , then looked again

shaking their heads at the tremoring bulb,

after much deliberation, it takes one man,

just one man to change a lightbulb.

Prompt 8 – Music

Prompt 8 – Music Track


Ready for Daytime


Sitting down on a park bench at dusk

He closes his eyes

Breathes in


breathes out

he repeats this three times.

His eyes still closed he

Fine tunes his ears to

Natures sounds,

He starts too feel the heat

From a rising sun,

He breathes in


Breathes out

He repeats this two times.

Outside the park

Traffic becomes noticeable

The town is slowly wakening

He breathes in


Breathes out

Opening his eyes

He greets the beautiful day

With a glaring smile,

Relaxed and calm

He gently rises

Orders his tea.

Now he’s ready,

Ready for the day

Try it sometime,

Prompt 7 – Viator Poem

Prompt 7 – Viator Poem


Why do I write


Why do I write,

to tell our words

stories , memories,

our keepsakes.


Sometimes I get asked

Why do I write,

because I like to

is the simplest answer.


Words are important

we all carry stories,

why do I write,

so future can know of the past.


I’ve lost many stories

gone, I didn’t record them,

now I remind myself

why do I write.

Prompt 6 – image of Photographer

Prompt 6 – Image




Photography is a great hobby to have

Hours will pass before you even know it

Oh, especially In the golden hours

Try to replicate what the naked eye sees

Oh, take more than one shot of everything

Grin when you check the photos

Rain can be dangerous for the lens

Ask if you’re not sure on anything

Photographers will almost help

Have fun or it’ll put you off

Each photo you take has purpose

Record with your lens and the naked eye



Now read from the bottom up,

Prompt 5 – Mystery Poem

Prompt 6 – A mystery poem


Where was I?


I was running

my cold frosty breath

still in front of me,

bark breaking

leaves rustling

under fast feet,

my heart races too

I focus forward

never looking back,

the sweat running

as hard as I am

please God please,

complete darkness arrives,

then I open my eyes.

Wait. I’m in bed?

Prompt 4 – Haiku

Prompt 4 – Haiku


One day maybe one

day, for now, not yet although

stranger things happen


love can be true, love

can also be blind, if it

comes, I’ll be ready


Some have big days, some

Have smaller integrate days.

Yes, maybe one day.

prompt 3 – Image

Prompt 3 – Image



We can look at the same picture,

I might see differently from you,

It’s what makes the world go round,

But hey that’s okay.


There’s no right or wrong,

we can agree, we can disagree,

we can agree to disagree.

But hey that’s okay.


A wise man once said,

believe half of what you see,

none of what you hear.

But hey that’s okay.

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