inspired from a facebook post


A bright morn to shine up all gay and fair

Dressed up so well for today is farewell

Reached school first , all lone , tire and boredom

Books make the best pal so off to book room

Standing on stairs , now all lonely and spare,

I hear Cathy , my best friend , calling from upstairs

“Come here Oh! Annie I’m all alone here”

Glad for a chap I put my foot on ,

Stops at the next sound now calling from down.

“Stop Annie don’t go up that isn’t me

for I am now standing here as you can see”

I panic , I tremble , I look up and down ,

Thuds down my pocket mirror from my wet arms

I pick it and for a split second looks into it,

Shock grabs me , world  goes round as i stare into it

For looking back all shocked from the tiny mirror ,

Is Cathy who now is coming from up and down together.


Cold dark lane , all creepy and eerie

Stinking with far gone lives now not so dearie

Dust and dried leaves , all now fossils of past ,

So is she , squeezed up , a bundle of match

Eyes hollow , vast as infinity , beyond

Deep down a match so lone , wanting to light

Cold is she , cold as the frost on the fire

But the fire is all dried up in a deep tire

Cracks up , she strikes up , she tries to light up ,

Lacks she a spark that will burn her all up.

Then came he smiling , a tiny green spark ,

Flew up the depths of her hollow dark eyes

Lit up the match that long drenched in the ice.


She flared up so high that the world was on fire ,

Blazed up she , glared into melting weak ice

Burned long , she fried up the biased old lives

For she was the glory , she was the light ,

She was the spark that fed the inferno.





What is infinity and beyond?

Time? which deadlines your past present and future?

Life? which tends to burst out like a bubble?

Love? which leaves you all blind and stifle?

Sorrow?which brightens up on a warm little touch?

Nothing but words

You twist and you turn it

You squash ans you squeeze it

Out comes life, love and beyond

Oozes out time, pleasure and more

For words and everything above and eternal.


Words bursting in , brown thick mud

Slow , deadly swamp he was , all right

Signboards neglected , warnings disdain

Jumped on she right into brewing up muck

Gasped for air , thrashed up arms

Came no help , for she was

the rude little rebel

Shocked was the mob as she smiled on , bright girl ,

Mud brimmed her lips and she blurted out words :

He is the swamp , oh yeah , and i am his mud 

Drown , i should , for he craves me 

And i am his breath

For neither should exist while the other survives”


Careless heads drooping down all tensed

Letting out a sigh so loud it hurts

Aeroplanes getting ready to roam around

Sweets and notes being passed ‘under’ground

Singing so low in tunes all so vibrant

Ready to sneak out when teachers turn around

Only to be caught midway , contempt abouts

Overt and covert , weird faces made

Memories to remember , even when these days fade.


Bright blue birds broke out

Bliss brewed up back then

Bragged boasts , burnt buns ,

Blaze burning brilliant blue.

Brushes blushed , black beamed

Blind bars , brave boys ,

Brief breaks blew bowling

Bliss brimmed by broth bowl.


Poppers in the hair , cheer in the air

Glasses floated on here and there,

Dresses caressed and cheeks kissed ,

At the back , frowned and hissed.

Pride was held and pockets filled ,

Together they boasted and killed .

Cared for none , knew no fun ,

But stood out a setting sun.

Loner , he was , and,

Drowning deep down ,

Into the swamps of swank.

Stretched out no hands ,

Peeped out no eyes ,

For all was cheer and dear there.


I am a slightly crazy nineteen year old girl from a very loving family in Kerala, India. I am a girl who loves to dream.

Dreams may come real …sometimes they may not ..but despite that fact I still keep dreaming.

Reading is next in nature to me. It calms me down , gives me pleasure and takes me away from reality .

Yes I like to run away from what is happening around me because at times I feel that I don’t belong here.

Books are the doors to MY world . And of course I’m a fiction maniac .

I like to write but I’m an extremely lazy girl so it takes quite some force to make me write .

The whole credit for me deciding to write here goes to my friend who is also doing the marathon.

She very often tried to push me into writing without much success . We are of  the same wavelength but slightly different frequency .

At least I can say that I do this for her and yes I’m sure its gonna be a wonderful experience .