The real meaning of it

Thought it as a curse,

Being able to feel so deeply,

Able to get in someone else’s shoes,

To feel the pain like they do,

Oh these emotions,

Making me mad,

Am I fragile,

Should be handled with care?


Then one day it shattered,

The cage I made,


All gone,

The only thing stood ,



I knew it was a gift not pain…

The mirror

They held hands,

Long walks in the evening,

Played in the park,

Rode swings together,

One could hear her giggles clearly,

Loud and innocent,

For years it continued,

He was her best friend,

And one day,

She saw them together,


Looking at the mirror shocked,

She was standing alone,

No one beside her,

But she could hear him chuckle,

She chuckled back,

Moved ahead,

Holding hands,

Thinking the mirror is lying…..

Blooming Song

When a flower blooms,

Looking at it your heart blooms too,

Its petals like,

They wanna hug you,

Come on,

Stop shying away,

Its life is limited,

to a day or two,

Still it smiles,

With hands all wide,

ready to embrace,

Whatever its fate,

With smile so bright,

Fills you with light…

Never ending road

The skies gone grey,

Its about to rain,

Not raining yet,

Wild wind on my face,

A long road,

A never ending,

I walk or drive,

Just see the sunrise,

Dip my feet in sea,

Or immerse myself completely,

Like a never ending song,

Keep walking,

Even if all alone….

Glowing in the dark

A pitch black forest,

Afraid to enter it,

But had to cross,

No matter what,

This time I won’t turn back.


Suddenly something starts to glow,

I am about to follow,

To find the mysterious source,

I keep walking,

One foot after another,

Not thinking much,

Like a curious soul,

I keep walking.


Suddenly, I crossed the forest,

Where is the glow,

In the hut across the road,

I saw a mirror,

It was me all the way,

I followed myself out of the dark and into the glow….

The valley of Muse

Yes, Yes its true,

There is a valley of muse.

You can find many of them,

Some like to come with you too.

They talk to you,

Show you visions,

create worlds without divisions,

They show you the truth sometimes,

The other times unicorns,

It you,

who choose,

To stay in the real world

or explore the sky….


The voices inside

Our very own cheerleader,

The one that keeps us going,

Telling us to trust ourselves,

What if it turns our enemy?

The voice within,

Says to stop,

To drop things,

Frighten us?


No, do not worry,

It is time to know,

You are the creator,

The origin,

If one turns against you,

Create hundreds of voices to fight back,

Trust me, it always works….

The Past

It has not passed yet,

The time is still running,

We must hurry,

Else, we won’t have time…


Never knew how it felt,

The feeling of getting butterflies in you stomach,

The will to let go of everything,

Just to hold on to someone,

Thought it all would be like a dream,

Reality was different,

It is like being calm,

The essence of it never change,

Though it takes many shapes,

The butterflies keep fluttering,

until the end of time….

When I got wings

Everyone looked so small,

I saw the clouds so closely,

Windows seat, always favorite,

Want to see how high I fly,

The world looks little from above,

Its problems too becomes small,

Its almost like getting wings,

Flying towards your destination…


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