Hour 2: Magic

Witches and wizards filled my head

With sparks, newts, and rat tails

I just wanted my own magic

A powerful wand and stable broom

A dark cauldron and pointed hat

But sparks and wands are just in stories

So wand became pen and ink my only dark tool

Paper corners pointed and a stable desk

With pencil shavings, dictionaries, and tea

Witches and wizards fill my head and paper


Im rather happy with this one. It feels a little silly maybe but that is good for some fun.

Hour 1: I Am

I am searching for my place

My home in the universe

I am searching for inspiration

My grand idea that’s waiting

I am searching for love

My rock to keep me grounded

I am searching for joy

My sunshine when there’s no sun

i am searching for peace

My calm when the world storms

I am searching for my place

My home in the universe


So here is my hour 1 poem. I don’t know that I like the last line but I can revise it later as needed.

Revisions for Submissions

Hey so I had sent in my submission for the anthology. My poem Cafe Writer from hour 6 is the one that got in after my revision. But I thought I would post both of the poems I had sent in for submission. I had a hard time choosing poems to work on and I had liked Cafe Writer a lot when I first wrote it and Text You Close I had fun writing so I ended up picking those two to send in.


Hour 6
Cafe Writer
Words slipping free of my pens.
Stories unfolding from depths of thoughts.
Stretching to fill the page.
But my stories are left half done.
Pen unsure of what is coming next.
All action gone to calm quiet.
The hero losing the need to save.
Story frozen and left in a file.
My eyes glance around the cafe.
Everyone living a story.
Maybe some writing new ones too.
Some also only getting half down.
Not able to finish the story.
Maybe the end is too sad.
Or it became too cliche.
Or maybe I am the only one lost.
Hour 23
Text You Close
It’s weird to miss you.
Since we were never that close.
But we got closer before I left.
Something was different.
We started to talk.
We shared something others didn’t.
This side of me I haven’t told my friends.
You understood me in a way different from others.
I wish we could actually sit and talk in person.
But being able to text is better than not.
I will just keep texting you closer.

Hour 24

I can’t believe I made it!!!! I’m really happy I did the entire marathon even if it was hard towards the end.

Perfect View

My perfect view would always be changing

I would travel the world

Seeing everything the world has to show

Seeing Big Ben and the Great Wall

My view a different part of the world every day

Letting me explore everywhere and everything

Walk down a Paris street in the rain

Make a snowman in Canada

And make friends across the planet

My perfect view is the world

Hour 23

Almost done can’t believe I have made it this far!!! I thought for sure I was going to drop out and just go to bed at some point but nope I’ve got this.

Text You Close

Missing you is weird

We were never very close

But those last few months

Something was different

You became someone I could talk to

About this thing I’m still working on sharing with others

You understood me in a way that they don’t seem to

I want to be able to hang out and actually talk

But for now we will have to text

I hope that it keeps bringing us closer these screens

Hour 22

Painted Mirror

Corset makes for a tiny waist

While I pose holding still as I can

Letting the artist fix my pose

When I finally see the painting

It doesn’t even look like me

Skin too pale and hair too dark

But yet something is right in the painting

Hour 21

24 Hours Is A Lot

The day had yet to ever stop

It seems like I will never sleep

My eyelids weigh more than barbells

And my body want’s to relax

My head is full of thoughts of sleep

Hour 20

The Trail

My steps echo off the trail

As I lose myself to birds chirping

My eyes follow the edge of the trail

As it moves into lush grass

Then tall trees standing firm

Even with the trails invasion of man-made

Nature is still standing tall

Hour 19

My Star

Floating between stars

Watching galaxies pass by

I keep watching

Trying to find that one star

The one that always shines for me

The star that has gotten me through

The rough nights

The long nights

And the nights that were perfect

I am looking for my star

Hour 18


The steam warms me before the first sip

My spoon stirring in golden honey

Finally I lift my mug to my lips and drink

Warm liquid fills me heating inside out

I open my book again ready to lose myself

Into tea and words