Half Marathon My Hour 2

Still getting caught up. I haven’t connected to any of the prompts yet (I didn’t go too far back to earlier hours though). But I am having fun! This is for the second round of half marathoners. Which means it is posted during the full marathoners hour 14.



Sleeping is a light word for a dark thing

Everything swathed in black

And all is heavy

Yet sleeping is soft

And can bright bright colors


Awake is a stark word for a bright thing

Everything bathed in gold

And all is airy

Yet awake is harsh

And can show the deepest shadows

Half Marathon My Hour 1

I’m running a little behind as life is a thing and wasn’t able to write earlier. But I am getting my writing started now!! And I’m not too far behind. This is my Hour 1 which is Hour 13 of the 24 hours.

My first poem I didn’t end up using the prompt. Just used some random writing thoughts I had saved on my phone. Glad to be able to expand on some of those thoughts finally.


The Last Road

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

And I am made of them

I want to share the pure and good parts of me

But even the sun casts shadows

I keep my heart strong

Yet I can see the cracks where my good wasn’t enough

Where my choice hurt more than I knew

My final trip will show all my mistakes

My final path will show that not all good is equal

Getting Ready for the Half Marathon

This year I chose to do the half marathon as I didn’t have time to do the full one. I can’t wait for the second half to start so i can start my 12 poems! Congratulations to everyone that has already done their twelve! You got this for those still going!

Hour 24: The Park

The park was filled with laughter

Shouts and feet running in time together

The swings making soft squeaks

The chains needs a drop or two of oil

The slide smooth and fast

Making you feel like flying

Now thought the swings have rusted

Barely able to move in the breeze

The slide falling apart

Half on the ground

There are only whispers heard here

From the adults who wish to be young again


Woot finished!!! That is poem 24!! So I did sleep a little more than planned at one point but I still made it through on time!! So I’m very proud of myself. And of everyone else who had done the full or half marathon!!!

Hour 23: Fire

A small spark and then a roar

A dancing collection of orange

Cracking and warming us

Soon the flames lower

They stop climbing

They start resting

Almost yawning as they go

Soon just embers

A soft glow dimming

Soon to be completely gone


Yay getting a poem done during the hour it is supposed to be done again!! This feels good

Hour 22: Crack

The would bustles here

Always moving quickly

Missing small things

Like life growing in cracks

These small flowers fighting

Living where trees gave up long ago

Living where most grass is fake now

Surviving even when no one cares


Okay now I am caught up again and I can finish this thing!! (I say with little confidence since I already fell too asleep once.

Hour 21: Cats

Small and soft

Quick and sharp

They can love deeply

But hate deeply as well

They like to be the center of attention

Unless you give them too much attention

Or try to pet them too much

Fickle loyal creatures these cats


Yay one more typed up. I writing everything in a notebook before posting. So I had to write up a few quickly before I started posting to get caught up again. But I now am (just one more to post).

Hour 20: God of Light

One would think he should glow and shine

If you meet him you would guess shadows are his

But then he makes a lamp shine

And that’s when you see

He starts glowing down deep

And then the light spills from him

Almost like it was waiting to escape him


Woo two more to type up and Im caught up again. I did forget to say the last poem I found my own prompt just like this one. Sometimes you need something else to get you going. 

Hour 19: Ruins

They stand more crooked than a wall should

They have crumbled and fallen

Those great walls that once towered

Now bowing to time

Like the lords to their king once here

These ruins just a shadow of the past


Soooo I thought I had set an alarm to get up again and work on these. But either I turned it off and stayed asleep or someone in the house turned it  off on me. But I’m still going and I didn’t miss the end of the whole deal. So I can catch up and sleep once Im fully done.

Hour 18: A Memory

My first heart break I was told

Cry as much as you need but remember

Soon they will just be a memory

In that moment it seem a lie

But soon enough I’d moved on

And each young love was the same

New memories from young pain

But then you died

And the pain felt a lot older

I wasn’t ready for you to be a memory

To only remember hugs and laughter

But you keep my memories bright

Even through missing you


I’ve been noticing this year I am skipping a lot of the prompts… Hmm I must be very picky this year oh well. I am still here and still putting out poems and that is all that matters at 1am!!

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