Prompts for Hour Twenty-Four

Text Prompt

Write a poem that starts and ends with the same word. It can be short, but it has to be at least five lines long. If you can’t think of your own word to start and end with here are my suggestions: hope, stardust, cheese, sleep, and shoes.

Image Prompt

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Prompt For Hour Twenty Three

Text Prompt

Pick the title of a book that you love, that title is now the title of the poem. That poem can be about the book directly, or indirectly, or it can use the title as a jumping off point, and be about something else entirely.

Image Prompt

I Survived the 2022 Poetry Marathon

The following images are part of the Poetry Marathon Tradition. They are for you to do with what you want, but they are often used as a way to celebrate your success.

The official list of everyone who completed the half marathon and the full marathon will be released in the next few days. Remember if you are not on the list it probably has more to do with our algorithm than with you, and please reach out so we can correct it.






Prompt for Hour Seventeen

Text Prompt:

“Write a poem that involves a mythical monster in some capacity, whether it’s as a side character, a prop, a villain or even the protagonist.” – contributed by Bhasha Dwivedi.

Image Prompt:

Photo by Marco Damm on Unsplash

Prompt for Hour Sixteen

Text Prompt

“Write a poem with the last line being a question and the answer being the title.” – Contributed by Megan Ameel Dobson.

Image Prompt


Contributed by Jana-Alisha O’Dell