Best Friend

Our path are different

Yet we stay together

God paves your way

With devotion you look

Logic guides me forward

With calculation and decision

In this world

Full of war

Religion and logic

That try to cut each other

We live in harmony

Understanding each other

My best friend you became

Before we even understood the concept

My best friend you are

As we are devoted to opposite side

You wish to God

For this to stay

I ask the power of Universe

To never separate us



Best Cook Ever

A shadow stands by

As she crushes potatoes

Saying precaution about burns

As she flicks on stove

Hand guiding her

To make round parathas

Holding their breath

As she flips it on pan

Nodding at the colour

At the way she presses it

Taking it from her hand

As she grumbles about hunger

Laughing at the eager look

On the face of his daughter

Her Dad flipped it again

As she screamed ‘The Best Cook Ever’


For you Dad, you make the most delicious food ever. (Better than Mum)

The Night Is For Sleeping

The blackest night

Brings the darkest time

The scream echoes in lane

as purses get snatched

Skin get violent marks

With domestic matters

Souls depart the Earth

With the anonymity of dark

Evilest of a kind

Emerge to prey on lives

If only people take a breath

And relax in their bed

That’s why believe me

The night is only for sleeping


Dear God,

People say

You take lovely people

If you take flower

The land would be barren

If you take light

The world would be dark

If you take good

The universe become bad

When you took my mother

The world became dull

People say

She’s there with you

Give her back

so the world becomes bright

Or take me too

So I can be lovely too

Don’t leave me without

My light and precious thing

Don’t leave me without

A caring mother


Her House

She watched

As new life appeared

In the old dead house

She watched

As the couple held hand

Looking fondly at their children

She watched

As siblings giggled

Fighting yet united

She watched

As they made her home

Their home

She watched

As the husband drank

Wife pleading him not to

She watched

The playfights turn serious

With broken bones and relationship

She watched as the wife made mistakes

And the whole family breaking

She watched

As the head brought a gun

Quivering in his hand

She watched as the possessed man shot

The girl, the boy and his love

She watched

As he used it next on himself

And lying in a pile of bodies

She watched

As their beautiful home

Turned back to her dark one



Helper’s help

I stood waiting for father

Mother standing at gate

He came walking naturally

As I worried about getting late

He stopped and gestured

A person without voice

My thought ran along

How to help him if I had a choice

he gestured and tried

Telking us something incomprehensible

My mother irritated gestured

To stop his unknown fable

Tired and huffing in the end

He strode toward me

He stood in front of my scooter

And dramatically switched light off for us to see

He went away

Like it meant nothing

Changing my whole perspective

As if it was just a fling


True story: )


Blood lay scattered

On a sacred ground

Such a destruction

Never seen around

Lakhs of dead bodies

Look up in heaven

Standing in the middle

Was a group of seven

Five brothers in unity

While a cousin stand alone

The incarnation of Lord

Says the fighting stays on

Oath must be kept

To bath in the blood

Justice would be served

Of the pride dragged through mud

A long fight

A chapter’s attack

In the biggest fight ever

Tricks did not lack

Who is the winner

In the chaos of ever

Those who started with tricks

Or the ones who took truckmaster’s cover

That day Death came

On the holy grounds

And later it picked

Everyone story bound


Mahabharata, where no one was right and everyone wrong.


Met you in a place

Where craziness ran rampant

The king of all disruption

Your name was Chaos

In a few post

You felt like a brother

We slammed the forum

And fought together

You we’re my friend and rival

A brother, most important

Yet you lied and hid

Behind the thickly vieled anonymity

Two years of friendship

Not a single thing I knew

When the chance came

I grasped the hold of it

You banned me for a day

And I left for life

Yet you were the one

Behaving like I was dead

You know not

The affect of your action

Because I his too

Behind a strong wall

I miss you even now

But I am tired

Of trying and pretending

That you’re no brother of mine


Chaos, this is for you. You weready my brother and you still are. You hurt me and I hurt you maybe but one fight doesn’t end things.


#Prompt 16

I like being lost

To not know

Where the way end

I can stay blind

Fear can’t touch me

Blind don’t see scary things

I can’t hear

the rules, the spiteful things

You can’t follow, what you can’t hear

I can only speak

Singing is what I do

I laugh at the order of world

The society doesn’t bind me

Because I’m retarded

And I like being lost


For the society that tries to impose rules on me.


#Prompt 15

The cut was clean

The red liquid bright

A numbness settling

A decision so fast

Everything lost to world

The chain that bind me

They break slowly

As the blood seeps

Adrenaline pushed

Heart worked harder

Made my work easy

By sending blood faster

Through veins to arteries

Impure to pure

Drips away from the slit

It doesn’t matter any more

In a few minutes

It’all slow and stop

And I would take

The first breath of death.


I do not support suicide.

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