Farewell Playground11am

Walking in the woods
Fall colors
sweater weather
so beautiful

I remember the way so well
though it’s been over 20 years
since I was last here.
The memories are very strong

That’s where I used to camp
and that’s where I would go
down to the creek and look for crayfish
that there is where I had my first big kiss

This used to be the place
I would run to in order to cope
with everything that life threw
at me
when I thought I couldn’t take it

my friends were here
solitude and the wild animals
I’ve missed you all

We’ve missed you as well
as you can see- the creek
kept flowing without you here
time changes everything
Life had to go on

It’s been so long since I ‘ve
come here
I’m so sorry, life just got in
the way.

Well I’m all grown up now
and I found that I didn’t
need to run here every single
time something didn’t go my way
that’s really why I came here all the time

I was a child and didn’t know how
to cope with my emotions when
they got to be too, too much.
I know how to now

That’s good. It is good
to see you today- so why come
here today? It’s been years-
You could have just stayed away

I had to come here today
I just had to make myself
understand that I didn’t have
to feel guilty or hurt that I was
growing up and didn’t need you
like the crutch I used you as

I’ve grown up and to move forward
means putting away childish things
I had to come say farewell to
my playground.

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