In Love12am

Hey! Thanks for meeting me
I know that you only have
a few moments before she calls
asking where you are-

I have something to tell you
and I really don’t know just
how to say it without hurting or
upsetting you.

I’ve tried to hide it
and deny it
tell myself that you
belong to someone else

I’m in love with you
I know that comes as
a shock to you but I can’t help it
I’m in love with you

My cards are all out
for everyone to see
there’s nothing that
I can do to hide from you

I know that it can’t go
anywhere at all
you’re married and
you’ve told me that
you want to leave her
but the fact is

You keep putting it off
and even though I love you
I can’t keep waiting for you
it’s something that keeps
having “soon” attached

sshh- It’s ok
I understand that we were
playing with a potential fire
and I know that if I say anymore
others will find out

What are you so afraid of
I know you aren’t going to
leave her and I know that you
were only fucking with my emotions
That’s ok- I was a distraction

But now? I’m no longer your distraction
It’s because I love you so much
that I can let you go now
I just had to see you one last time
To make you see that you don’t have to
feely guilty.

Goodbye my love

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