Hello everyone! My name is Angelica and I currently live in Los Angeles. I’m excited and nervous for next Saturday. This will be my first marathon I’m participating in. Not sure what to expect other than having little sleep that day,  having lots of snacks handy and maybe even some coffee! I plan on getting as much rest as possible the night before.

I’ve been writing for about 15 years and I absolutely love it! Writing has became my “safe place”, a place where I can just let it all out. I thought it would be a great experience participating in the marathon this year. I feel that it will allow me to push myself in ways I haven’t pushed myself before. I’m nowhere near where I aspire to be as a writer/poet, so what better way to continue challenging myself!

Wishing everyone the best next Saturday! I can’t wait to read what everyone shares 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hi, Angelica. This is my first marathon, too. I look forward to reading your poems. I agree with you about pushing boundaries, and writing being a safe space.

    You’ll be starting and finishing early in the morning, won’t you? Posting your first poem at dawn!

    1. Yes I will. Was looking forward to seeing the sunrise as I write my first poems, but it’s quite gloomy this morning. Maybe I’ll have some luck tomorrow morning. Looking forward to reading your posts as well! Wishing you the best during the challenge.

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