She looked lost
As if someone snapped their fingers
And she was transported to another world
Shocked, frozen, and scared
She was scared

And I could see it in her eyes
The way her pupils widened
How her blinks slowed
And the wrinkle of her nose

There was a gleam on her lips
Round and full
Covered in gloss

There was a sparkle on her eyelids
From the shimmer of her shadow
Brightening the dark mahogany of her eyes
Showing it’s brilliance

Her fingers trembled
There were always things to fear
Things to be afraid of

Walking down the street at night
Without a set of keys between her fingers
Or daring to feel confident in her sensuality
Outside of her bedroom walls

She was taught to fear the night
To hear the monsters as they crawled
What she feared the most
More than werewolves
And wendigos
Was herself

4 thoughts on “Her

  1. I really like the flow of this poem. The alliteration made it flow. It really speaks to me. I’ve held those keys and done that walk. I loved the ending-very powerful! Well done! Just one comment/suggestion…First stanza..last line where you repeat scared…how about jus using one word- Terrified!

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