They want peace
They call it peace
As if peace is justice
With a fancy wig
And flashy jewelry

As if calm streets
And pretty murals
Will bring them back

They call it peace
When they mean suppression
When they mean conformity
When they mean complacency

They call it peace
And they want us to call it peace
To protect their economy
To protect their supremacy
To protect themselves

They call it peace
And they’ve got
So many of us calling
It peace

No justice
No peace
No justice
No peace
No justice
No peace

So we don’t call it peace
We don’t call it a riot
We won’t go back to
This is the uprising
Hop on board
Or step aside

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Yes – great ‘call to action’ with the last line! Love the repetition and beat of the poem. Our language conveys meaning but we also need to examine and unpack the layers they hold – thank you for this!

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