Tragic Childhood Psalm: Hour 23

1: my only memory of them together

mom and dad

i was sick and pretending


5: I remember her screaming. oh the lament for her abusive father

forbidden touches. Did they start here?


7: they were fighting, me struggling

dad disbelieving – family ties burn

Crystals welcomed, angels watching over me


9: fire so fascinating


13:runic cards passed to me


23: answers from within


42:Increased psychic abilities


Amanda PotterĀ©: 2019 Poetry Marathon

One thought on “Tragic Childhood Psalm: Hour 23

  1. I looooovvveee this! The rawness is so beautiful. It resonates with me loud and clear! The images are electric, delicate, and share a strength that is beautifully vulnerable. Thank you for sharing these words. <3

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