Love Is a Language

In English it’s, “I love you.”
“Ana behibak,” in Arabic.
Tunisia says, “Ha eh bak.”
And in Hungary it’s, “Szeretlek.”

Each language says it differently
Yet one thing remains unchanged
No matter what the symbols be
Or in which order they’re arranged

One common language of unity
One uniquely human dialect
That we speak without impunity
And by which we impulsively connect

An innately human characteristic
Is this intimately social code
Which by complexly simplistic heuristics
Spans the entirety of our globe

So when you hear, “S’agapo,”
You don’t have to brush up on your Greek
To know also that, “Je t’aime,” is I love you
In both French and in Belgique.

So many ways to say, “I love you.”
Each might sound to the other strange
But imagine one day if in Belarus you hear, “Ja ciabi liubliu”
Spoken by a good friend who lives in Ukraine
And then that friend tells another friend, “Ya tebe kahayu”
And their friends to their friends and their friends again
Well I figure it wouldn’t take but maybe a year or two
Until eventually, at least conceivably,
The whole world would see
That no matter which continent or country
Or which nationality one may claim
One thing that has proven the test of time
That we all speak love the same.

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