Hour Ten—Fairy Tale Love

What love is

not Cinderella and the glass slipper

rather it’s slipping on the glass and given a hand to stand up;

What love is

not Sleeping Beauty awakened by a kiss after a hundred years of sleep

rather it’s being brought breakfast after sleeping in on a Sunday morning;

What love is

not Belle dancing at the ball with an atrocious but kind Beast

rather it’s the permission to miss the ball and cuddle with that atrocious but kind beast;

What love is

not being awakened with a kiss after biting into a poisoned apple

rather it’s being loved enough to have someone give the Heimlich to cough up

the apple that chokes you;

love is living the real life
with all of the falls, sleeping in, staying in and rescues from the apple chunks
that’s the whole story of love.

4 thoughts on “Hour Ten—Fairy Tale Love

  1. I love all the juxtoposition by you starting with the statement love is..and then saying what is is not in context of a fairy tale. Fantastic concept!!! I love all these links to fairy tales and then examples of the modern day! Beautiful poem and very unique. I would submit this. Great work!

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