He’s Not Mine (Hour 15)

Tall, lithe and a sailing man

distinguished, respectful and kind 

I fervently wish you were mine. 

Your touch so gentle upon my skin,

your lips spread love into my soul,

Wishing I was your end goal. 


Your visits though short they are, 

are so bittersweet this is true, 

I wait so long wanting to see you. 


Your hug and your loving smile,  

wash away the harrowing emptiness,

ashamed of my previous pettiness. 


When you leave after only one day,

I’m sad when your love is transferred

knowing you are returning to her.  

8 thoughts on “He’s Not Mine (Hour 15)

  1. Wow, you build the temporariness of this relationship so well, the longing pure, the regret palpable, the reason so more than sad. Love the line ashamed of my previous pettiness. Well done!

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