Ode to Tala

When first I saw your gleaming white hair, laid along

the pink expanse of your


with your lovely long nose and sweet little ears,

‘twas then I decided you would be mine.

For long I had to wait, not to rush the nurturing of

nature and


but oh did it pain me to leave you inside, that cold

and uncaring place with no name but you knew

upon my return, with me you would


The ache it grew stronger, each night an agonizing

torture knowing what gift waited for


but the vestige of time nearly wore me down and

thrice I near threw caution to the wind and claimed

you as my very

own. This road to you was treacherous, odorous, no

arduous, perhaps odorous and


Yet here I stand before you, your papers in my

hand. Place the sweet pink collar around your neck

with a steady hand and steadfast


The matching leash clicks into place, you stand

proudly by my side. It’s you I beckon with a smile,

“Come on girl, let’s go home!”


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