21st Corner #23

A dainty restaurant

located at the twenty-first corner

is always bustling,

people grinning and chortling.


Seasoned salads and spiced up turkeys

decorate numerous wooden tables,

everyone digging in instantly,

knives and forks clattering.


So warm and utterly cozy inside,

waitresses, jolly and motherly.

Each step inside leads to

a safe haven of sorts- one for both mind and stomach.

3 thoughts on “21st Corner #23

  1. Emm it sounds delicious . My taste buds are already tickling . kkkkk no but seriously, the poem is somehow upbeat and cozy. But maybe there is a reverse of the medal as it can be illustrating the lust of the modern human being.Personally, I tend to be an optimist so I’ll adopt the cheerful side :)) Anyways, it’s a really adorable poem and I just love it !!

    1. I actually meant for it to be much more detailed- highlighting the intricacies of the decor, atmosphere and food, so it’s great to know that I managed to get in some atmosphere building in there! =^-^=

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