Keeping Silent #24

A blanket of silence,

so thick almost tangible

exposes truths.

Extinguishing lingering doubts,

it’s a silence within my heart.


Everyone rambles on and on

around me. Never pausing.

But I- I have bliss, serenity and tranquility

Wrapped in a neat bow.

Eternity lies ahead.


Thoughts echo profoundly

Imagination breaks free

from the closet

A mind palace is born.

21st Corner #23

A dainty restaurant

located at the twenty-first corner

is always bustling,

people grinning and chortling.


Seasoned salads and spiced up turkeys

decorate numerous wooden tables,

everyone digging in instantly,

knives and forks clattering.


So warm and utterly cozy inside,

waitresses, jolly and motherly.

Each step inside leads to

a safe haven of sorts- one for both mind and stomach.

The night is for sleeping #22

Sleep awaits me with baited breath

Drowsiness encloses me

Twitching eyelids and sluggish moments

I fight away slumber’s fingers.


Dreams- a multicolored kaleidoscope

Anything is possible

Even the most bizarre

The night is for sleeping.

Letters above #21


Dear Tooth Fairy,

My name is Sam Jerry

I know you must be incredibly busy

But I can’t help but be tizzy!


You see today I lost my first tooth!

It’s an incisor according to Ruth.

And thus, I couldn’t sleep tonight

Since, I tossed and turned in delight.


I hope this reaches you

And maybe, just maybe you will take my tooth too?

I will try to sleep with all my might,

With hopes that you’ll visit me today midnight.



Sam Jerry Sondove

A street walk #20

Mister fox trotted

A bear scrambled ahead

The little girl ran.


Agile and cunning

Like the forest’s big bad wolf

Red Riding Hood trails.


Her bear protector

Sniffing for a honey comb

Guiding and guarding.

Postman #19

The postman throws my letters away,

cheerfully singing, “Have a nice day!”

“How dare you!”, I yell.

Fists shaking in anger

Face red with rage

Glowering I walk away, my ego wrapped in a bandage.


The postman throws my letters away,

Cheerfully singing, “Have a nice day!”

Glaring at him, I grit my teeth

That cheeky youngster deserved a spanking.

Veins popping, I try meditating

But then his sardonic face flashes before me and he’s escaping.


The postman throws my letters away,

Cheerfully singing, “Have a nice day!”

I seethe, I bellow and rant and rave.

Undeterred he pokes his tongue out

And cycles away

I scowl. That little pest with his hair full of hairspray.


The postman throws my letters away,

Cheerfully singing, “Have a nice day!”

My blood pressure rises

People call me petulant

It’s all just a joke I say to myself

To my surprise I laugh and shake my head. He’s like a roguish elf.



The postman doesn’t throw my letters away

But cheerfully sings, “Have a nice day!”

I’m wide-eyed and confused

“Where’s that cheeky boy who usually delivers letters?”

A raised eyebrow from the postman

“Sir, no national deliveries for two weeks.

Everyone was vacationing in Kazakhstan.”


Cheetah #18

Lean and mean

Sleek, stealthy

Part of the shadows

An instant of hesitation

and he will devour.


Claws so sharp,

it sinks immediately

into flesh.

A coiled spring

Running as if on Red Bull.


A stalker

Not a furry cutie

But a missile in disguise

Shredded destruction at its wake






Stranded #17

Deep sobs wrack through me

My heart threatening to rip out

Angst filled certainty.


Reckless tongues whip me

Disintegrating my will

No friends. No allies.


How many will desert

When you have lost everything

Cruel reality.


Back stabbed, betrayal

Friends forever broken

Leave my heart alone.


Railway Mayhem #16

Deep booms shake the Earth

as trains belch out smoke

formed as a result of their undigested

coal lunches.


Clanking and screeching of

metal dragged against metal

blending into the cacophony of sound

erupting from every corner.


Elbowing, stomping and kicking.

Frantic agitated people

raged inside until,

deep booms shake the Earth.

Aorta #15



My cardiac muscles

Pump in and pump out

Squeezing blood through

My veins, my arteries

And then little down the line, my capillaries.


Breathe in. Breathe out.

That’s what they tell me.

Poking scalpels and doing a by-pass

That’s the only way I’ll survive they urge.

So down goes the anesthetic.



Knocked out unconscious

Nerve signals blocked

Swimming in thick deep water

Water like porridge or honey




Heart rate slowed down.


Should have studied Biology.



How am I able to think?



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