I used to once know #10

No words can ever convey

how exquisitely happy I am.

No words can ever convey

the gratitude that bursts from my heart

trying to crawl its way back to you.


Nervousness and anxiety

perpetually wedged within me

was only repressed by you.

Like a surgeon operating on a patient

It was you who soothed the rhythmic pounding in my head.


You trained my eyes to watch out for the smallest details

details that would always bring joy.

Liking taking a blindfold of

I could finally see.

Finally breathe.


Heat prickled my toes,

wind ruffled my hair,

I was no longer isolated.

Alone and afraid.

Rather your lullabies (that were almost soporific) cradled me like a child.


If only I could tell you this


because in lending me your eyes,

you went blind.

In lending me your ears,

you went deaf

and now all that left, is a shell of who, I used to once know.

Only a shell.



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