Letters above #21


Dear Tooth Fairy,

My name is Sam Jerry

I know you must be incredibly busy

But I can’t help but be tizzy!


You see today I lost my first tooth!

It’s an incisor according to Ruth.

And thus, I couldn’t sleep tonight

Since, I tossed and turned in delight.


I hope this reaches you

And maybe, just maybe you will take my tooth too?

I will try to sleep with all my might,

With hopes that you’ll visit me today midnight.



Sam Jerry Sondove

4 thoughts on “Letters above #21

  1. What an amazing poem. I think this poem would have the biggest audience as it would appeal to children too. It reminded me of the innocent and infant days. Besides the witty story, I do really fancy the rhymes in this poem.
    Well done really :))

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