My dream about Poseidon 1/24


I had a dream one night-

I was in a boat with Poseidon…
We were under the sea
And as always,
The surface was beneath us…
What seemed weird to me
Was that below the surface
Was not water, but air…

Both of us could speak audibly
Under the water –
I could hear every word that he said…

I looked down, into the sky –
Birds were swimming in the air;
A man jumped up towards us;
I watched as his parachute opened…

I looked up and saw a large
School of Barracuda flying above us
And a shark attacking from the left –

I was scared…

“Don’t worry”, said Poseidon,
Waving his trident as he spoke –
“As long as you are in this boat with me
Nothing bad will happen to you…”

I nodded and opened my mouth to speak…

And then I woke up and realized
That I was soaked with perspiration…

My dream has passed, but
The memory will always haunt me…

Weirdest was Poseidon –
Before that night I have wondered
How he could stay under water
For such a long time but
My dream answered my question –
The answer made perfect sense:

Poseidon, strange as it may seem,

Is a fish!

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

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