When you are young, you are energetic and bold.

When you age, it’s difficult to be old.

Fear now takes over,

as you become older.


Fear of…….

…falling and breaking bones, of sickness and not recovering,

… not being taken seriously, when once you were a leader,

…being a soft target for being mugged,

…using advanced technology when once was a developer,

…losing memory, when once there was a razor sharp wit,

…being dependant for meals to you to bring,

when once, of your own kitchen you were the Queen or King.

…losing eyesight, when once there was foresight,

…empty nest, when one there was a full house,

… being a financial burden to loved ones, when once was a provider,

…of loneliness, when once was the centre of attraction

… who will take care of you, when ill, when once was the caretaker and caregiver.


Spend time with them, cherish them,

if you have any aged in your family,

because one day, they will be gone

and will be just a part of your memory.


2 thoughts on “3. IT’S DIFFICULT TO BE OLD

  1. This listing here is so so powerful. The way the “once was” has been replaced with the harsh response from society to the aged is heartbreaking. I think you could leave off the last stanza. Ending on that final idea of who will be the caretaker and the role of the caretaker hints at what you say in that final stanza.

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