8. Vacation at Sun City

8. Vacation at Sun City

A place in South Africa called Sun City

fun and entertainment, the place to be.

In March,we did go there for vacation

and enjoyed with heart’s satisfaction.


A beautiful,spectacular man made beach,

by walking down the scenic trails we did, the Sands reach.

The wave machine , churning the clear water.

My son,attracting the gazes of the girls sitting near.


Lost antiquities of Humankind

as you traips through the Lost City, you will find.

My daughter went crazy

in the arcade of games of fantasy.


In horror,we climbed the suspended swinging bridge

as you reach the amazing maze on the ridge.

We got lost and then found and then lost again

when the trail was wet with rain.


The ten pin bowling was a hit and a pleasure,

the night life is what we enjoyed and will remember. Cannot wait to once again see,

Fun tastic Sun City.


Anwar Suleman

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