Found Is Creation [Prompt 17]

The land knows you,

even when you are lost.

For lost is only in your mind,

you are here …

never to fear …

The spirit within is you,

it is never lost.

For truth is, you are God,

creating from thought,

the truth you sought.

Williwaw [Prompt 16]

I think of you…

up there.

I think of us…

once there.

I stand below the mountain…

of where you once lived,

where we once loved.

knowing you have gone …

on to another realm;

leaving only the images…

fading as they do.

The violent wind,

sweeps over my aging body…

you come and take my hand.

We are together again.


My Return: Angela Theresa Egic

Writer/Poet: Angela Theresa Egic

I enjoyed the Poetry Marathon back in 2016 … so, despite being behind on a lot of things; joining the Facebook group until today! I seem to have registered in time.

I am many things … A Renaissance Woman. Published Author & poet in the 2016 Marathon book! Also a Produced Playwright. You can see my acting work under my stage name, Angela Theresa Collins. I am also a Psychic/Medium and Teacher of Law of Attraction, Psychic/Medium Training, Angelology and Photographer.

See ya’ all soon!

Ritual For Happiness (Prompt #12)

Moon above me so high,
Hear me speak, hear me cry!
The Universe shares it glory!
And I seek a happier story.

A canopy of flowers in my head,
As I softly lie in my bed,
I see myself at a peaceful lake
A longing to reveal, a life to make!

Spare me pain and loss…
Wash my feet in cleansing moss.
Manifest my deepest yearning!
And keep my mind always learning.

Talking To The Spirits

IMG_2390Yes, I talk to the dead…
Well, they talk to me!
Since I was a child;
As far as I can recall.
I talked to a 6-year-old;
She said she drowned.
I was 9-years-old…

I made her mother cry.
She said, I gave her hope.
I didn’t know how.
And even before,
When Uncle Pete went to heaven.
I saw him standing near,
Looking fine.
I wondered why, at age 7;
People kiss a big wood box.
Uncle Pete was supposed to be inside.
When I was older,
Seeing them…
Hearing them…
Scared me.
I don’t know why.
I talked to them before.
As an adult,
I was urged to go professional.
Help others connect…
I still make people cry,
Just to hear from a parent…
Or a child.
Now I understand.
I talk to dead people…
They aren’t really dead.
I know.
I hear.
I see



Ain’t No Love On The Streets

Ain’t no love out here…
Lots of fear.
I ain’t scared no more;
I’m only a whore.
Ain’t got no house…
Have a pimp, he’s a louse!
Ain’t no perks…
Just johns and jerks.
And all of ’em are shit;
Ain’t worth their wives spit.
But, she don’t know…
He also does blow.
Ain’t no place to rest…
That’s only for the best.
The high class whores…
It’s the same score!
They are just like me…
Just they got a higher fee.
Maybe it’s cause they’re young…
Ain’t got no blues to be sung.
I know there’s no place…
No matter my religion or race.
Homeless just means you’re dirt…
Cause no man gives you his shirt.
And if he do…
He is homeless, too.
The mothers and kids…
Who live here, on the skids;
Even if she does right…
Is ignored, out of sight.
They think we are all sluts…
No if, and or butt’s!
What if they asked us…
Gave us fare for a bus?
A few are just teens,
For them, it’s just means.
Why is it wrong to be here?
In the way, and people fear.
And even if we cry…
On whom can we rely?
Government is overrun…
Or under the gun.
The people don’t see…
At least, not me.
I am the homeless git;
Who never did fit.
My babies are all dead;
I couldn’t keep ’em fed.
Ain’t no love in the streets;
Just us, the homeless, the freaks.

Ode To A True Friend (Haiku’s)

He was there indeed…
As I cried and slowly died!
A lover and friend.

We could not remain…
Lovers till the end of time.
Friends we are this day!

Our love had no end.
We cannot see us apart,
At least, as best friends.

Thank you dear friend,
We must always stay in touch!
Forever as friends.

My Beloved City (Prompt Nine-Pic 3)

Prompt Nine
Prompt Nine

Growing up in the desert…
was not my favorite place.
And was not my choice.

When we are born,
or soon after . . .
parents make a choice,
that is their road.

For college I applied,
to get far away.
Find myself…
Find my way!
And 2,500 miles I came!

First time on a plane,
High above the clouds,
Not so bad…
For up so high.
Arrived into the tall city,
To find my fear must ease…

My room was way above,
Looking out the window,
Glass and miles…
and buildings I saw!
Yellow cabs if I leaned!
And people!
You know what I mean?

I was in love…
I chose this place!
Not my parents;
Not my friends…
In fact, they feared for my life!
And I had my adventure…
To make a new me;
To be all I could be!

Manifesting Money

Money is my friend,
Money flows to me with no end.
My life it is ready to mend;
Come into reality my pretend.

Money flows to me with no end!
I am deserving, committing no sin.
With visualization, reality from pretend;
My birthright of riches, Universe resend.

I Deserve Wealth
I Deserve Wealth

Committing no sin, I deserve good!
Health, wealth and a woman that could!
Universe sends my birthright as it should.
And on my confidence I have stood!

A woman that can is my wealth, 
I’m prepared and completely stealth.
Confidence leads to my total health!
And inside my mind is my commonwealth!

Pantoum Of Adoration

He is truly my medieval knight;
I seek him again this life.
Maybe it’s a memory?
Or perhaps a book I read.

I seek him again this life.
He existed then, he must now!
Or only lives in a book I read.
How can I find him in reality?

He existed then . . .
The Universe knows my heart.
Show where to find him in reality.
I can feel his breathe upon my neck.

The Universe knows my heart.
And shall always lead me there…
Where his breathe is upon my face,
His lips upon my mouth.

Lead me there,
Put me in his strong arms.
His lips to my mouth draw me in…
And we become as one, again.