Dreams Of A Foodie

I see rivers of gravy…with rafts of chips
Trees of french fries with variety of dips
Mountains of pizzas and burger valleys
And flowers blooming of colourful jellies
Houses of noodles and people of cake
Boats of candies in a chocolate lake
Which lead to the forests of ice cream
Before I wake up from my delicious dream.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little miss sunshine went to the zoo
On a day when the sky was a clear blue
She saw Mr. Elephant and Ms. Giraffe
And a Mr. Monkey with a funny laugh
She saw birds and a big snake
Then ate her lunch by the lake
She went to the fish house on the far side
After she met Mr. Bear and sat on a ride
Then she took photos of a garden full of roses…
And of other animals giving good poses
Then she got tired, went home and slept
While planning to see the rest of the zoo which was left.

Fight for Peace

Since the day I was born
I was prepared to fight
In a war, which wasn’t my own.

I was told it was important
That I had no choice
I had to fight…but why?

No questions, just obedience
Do what is told..
Just follow where others lead…

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight for a cause that I don’t know
Fight because others do

Because this is what they have always done
And their fathers before them
Just like their forefathers..

Fight..for no one knows why…
Honour? Riches?
Stretches of land?

Fight..so that one day
There would be no need to fight..
Fight..so that one day..
There would be peace.

And peace..there shall be
Since that day… there will be no one left to fight!

Morning Thoughts

Another night has passed
Yet another set of dreams
Travelling through the line
Between the oblivion
And remembrance.

It’s difficult to see
Through the mist of reality
But not to follow
If we only listen
To the silent voice within.

Best Wishes

This is my first time in participating in an event of this sort and to say the least…I am really happy. Poetry is something that forms an intricate part of my life and to see so many different people from all over the world sharing my love for it…it’s really great. So,I just wanted to wish everyone all the best…. May the force be with you 😀

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