That’s the world I want
Alone with only you
The only one who sees me
The one who knows me true

Holding back intruders
Who insult my face
Sealing closed my heart
Now dwelling in your space

Shelter now my soul
Bring me, make me home
Element burned sacred
I no longer wish to roam

Worn out from the journey
I beg, give me rest
Taking gentle finger
Hair across your chest

Head in bowed affection
Kiss now my third eye
Take me in your whisper
Beyond the darkened sky

Every secret fall
And you judge me not
You save me from this Hell
Purgatory has forgot

2 thoughts on “Want

    1. Thank you so much for your interest. And your insight. A lot of my stuff sounds repetitive because I am a vocalist and lyricist. So as you read my work, similar themes may pop up. I do have a website for the music. darcyeforce.bandcamp.com
      Ophelia is my pride and joy if you have time to check her out. She is based on Hamlet, from Ophelia’s point of view, and also the ended relationship, at the time. You are also welcome to friend me on Facebook. I am looking into setting up a website for the poetry as well.
      Thank you again

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