Our mother..

It never complains
We go down the lane

Sit under its shade
It never gets paid

Money is not its price
Now is the time when care should rise

She has given so much love
Can’t we give a gentle hug

We take all her fruits
So why can’t we water all her roots

She is our mother
Who gives us life
Due to our mother nature
We all survive…

This ones with me..

The dark night
Full of light

The moon shines
Too much bright

Maybe he is smiling wide
As I reach to all new heights

My face feels a cool breeze
It tells me I wont freeze

Though its dark
But light is with me

I will reach my destination
As the fight is with me

The magic we own..

We all are different
Still united

We do the same
Still divided

The affection we feel
Times we deal
The distance is far
Still we are connected

World is round
Magic is known
This land made by us
Is what we own..

Turning pages..

Today while turning through the pages
I met myself in all those stages

There were times when I had fights
Just to find out what was right

They were the times when I was fearless
my mom always said that I became careless

The times have changed
As I fear and stay quiet

But now I can’t sleep at night…

The journey

The path we take
A journey we make

When times run slow
Don’t feel low

You may stumble
But roads are humble

To find your place
Stay with the race

The sun will rise
You will be surprised

Watching through tears
You will forget your spears…

It all begins..

Peace is what everyone wants
Silence is something which still haunts

People are together but wander apart
Some stay far and still in heart

All one wants is a kind of love
which makes them feel like a dove

A promise that remains unspoken
Fills the gaps in ties unbroken

Whenever we think everything ends
Thats when it all begins…

Being Strong..

There is something about being alone
When you stand on your own

People think you are strong
For you it seems very wrong

They don’t know about your choice
You keep searching your own voice

A tree stands tall who bear no fruits
Knows very well, it can be destroyed by the roots

But still it stands in front of a storm
As it has to protect the lawn…

Its Time..

I took a sip and let it go
the time have come for me to know

What lies in the core of my heart
the thing which binds me from falling apart

There were still many mountains to climb
but sometimes I felt a little blind

Then I hear a special voice
It comes out breaking all the noise

The time has come to know the dance
I will learn to take a chance…

Its all about soul..

Hey,my name is Hardika.

Well you already know my name ,
now something about my aim
I want to be a very good writer,
but often end up in an amateur fighter,
my writings are sometime good or bad
and I know I will learn like that
one should never stop fighting
as the key to learn is keep on writing..

Hello everyone..I am not good enough at writing poetry but still whenever I feel something that i am not able to convey or don’t want to share in simple words.. I write, without thinking about the outcome as I write them for my soul and this marathon is actually my attempt to explore myself through the deepest forms of writing and learning while doing so is just a bonus.

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