The dark..

Looking at your face

makes me sad

The eyes

just blank..


The face

nothing to tell..


Don’t know

how you are?

Don’t know,

What you feeling?

The only thing I know

that its still not healing…


Seems you found something,

at last you are lost

though the screams are hard

its not your heart..


Don’t know

what you want

Don’t know

how to ask

they say you couldn’t take it

had gone too fast..


I think you if would have waited

The dark don’t last….


Keep Calm..

Read it once,

Read it twice,

Read it thrice,

You will find..


Why the birds sing,

Whose phone did ring

The guy who cried,

Why are you so shy..


The questions,

not asked,

could be answered

really fast..


Keep going,

Have patience,

The things will

will find a way..


Not easy

but true..

The search

Run fast

or you will get late

No matter what

you have to win the race

said everyone


But in your head

you have already seen

places are calling

roads are free


The decision awaits

while choosing the fate

listen what the

heart says


Maybe a way is not there

but that path will be made

by you

keep wandering

to search you…

My Sister

She doesn’t wake me up

Stays awake with me

The master of all chores

She helps in mine too..


Youger than me

keeps me cheerful

behaves like an elder sometimes

but hugs me like a child..


We are totally mean

Just in fights

It takes only minutes

to be laughing together..


My secret keeper

my friend

A troublemaker

My well wisher

My home

She is my sister

A funny thing to be in..

Being in love

turns out to be funny

Smiling all the time

giggling for a while


Dreaming of his eyes

Lips too sometimes


Its funny to be happy

regardless of anything

He didn’t say Hi!

Or even Bye!


Though we still fly

Coz, our dreams are high

Seems funny to be in it

but my smile says its worth it!

The train

It didn’t show the future

Only present was cherished,

My thoughts went green,

All the memories when seen,


faces full of affection,

Smile pure with courage,

though some things tasted bitter,

But happiness still litter


The train took me to soul,

Taught me to love,

One and all


Open the window,

Let in the soft moonlight,

faces can’t be known,

So be honest to join us in,


Good Morning everyone!

Yes it is,

We now know the light,

Its here to guide,


We will travel,

fast and steady,

to find ourselves,

In the treasure Island..

Its Near..

Oh! the joys

Some of our little toys,

We closed our eyes,

Dreams came insight,

They were big but clear,

We were small but near.


The time passed

We grew old

They got lost here,

Or we came far somewhere,


Now we keep searching

the lost or the door

May we once again close our eyes

We will find it for sure..

Once upon a time AGAIN!!

Hello Everyone !

My name is Hardika and I am from India. Last time this marathon gave me a chance to discover myself through poems but this time I will give my thoughts a certain direction. Here In india I am associated with a campaign ‘Stop Acid Attacks’ but deep inside i am still an armature poet, who loves to write! All the best to everyone!


I wont say bye!!

Remember the time
We said Hi!

Its time to promise
Will never say bye..

All these lovely things we shared
Lots of memories that we cared

So much sweetness
Kind and pure

Lets join our hands
Remain friends for sure

Specially the creators
Who made this place

Thanks for giving
A poetry space…