Sailing Race

Out on Lake Ontario

setting the sail ready for the race.

Pulling up the sail each getting in our position for the speed race.

The wind is good coming from the west.

The two of them look at each other and smile.

The horn goes around the bend

Tom was almost knocked out of the boat by the mast but ducked just in time

Jenny pulling in the sail and made a sharp turn

off to the finish line.

They win.

A view of Love

I thought why not I haven’t written about love

the silent glow in one’s heart.

The heat in the chest

and the nerves in the stomach.

Working toward a new beginning

sometimes a new relationship but

has caring, excitement and whispers of glow.

As time moves forward

The two people share more information.

They can only hope that a friendship will be forever lasting.

That also builds love.

Love is endless like the wind blowing a sail forward.

Something that is everlasting.

That moves forward.

To more feelings that don’t get lost and packed away.

never ending, love



The Fight

Going strong and fighting hard

to keep composure.

Fighting hard for

fairness in life.

For no cruelty in the world.

For love and no suffering.

For sunshine and no rain.

The fight for fairness.

The fight for joy and happiness.

All worth the fight.


I have no idea what to say

I am too tired to know what to do

What I have to say

is not needed

What I want to say

is not important

So I am stuck in the middle

Trying to get by


Too Little

Tiny Me tiny

tiny you

Tiny me was in your shoe.

Walking along the long road

what was that pain

but a pebble in my shoe.

The Stand

Making my way

as everyone says

walking the road that has been travelled

looking around and finding out what is.

Hoping to succeed

in everything that I need

Looking around and feeling the answers inside

I will not give in to something I do not believe

I will trust my judgement

I will trust my gut.

If I do not feel comfortable I will make a stand

Midnight sky

The Wolves run wild as the blue moon rises

It moves slowly across the sky

big and bright and full of light

the moon

not alone

with the constellations and planets.

all going around

making no sound

but always shining bright above.


Never Giving Up

Being strong

Is sometimes hard

but we have to fight and be aware

Because the monster can be as big as a bear.

Hoping for the best

waiting for the rest

wanting to just fly by

but not able to and just cry

Having the strength to go on

pushing and pushing

with no effect

but the pain lessens

and the spiritual glow comes

lifting me up

to the daylight road

Taking Care

Taking care of ourselves may not always be easy

The troubles and pain can hold us back

Being stuck in our head

Not moving forward

becoming stuck

We have to learn to move forward.

Looking for the easy way out,

There is not always the answer when we want it.

Looking back and forth washing the pain away

Noticing the beauty in life

helps us to remember that we need to be free

The beauty in life

can only be seen once we are free of ourselves.

The Rock

The little girl was walking to school

She noticed a rock on the ground

She picked it up and it made a sound

Putting it in her pocket

Not fooling around

She was walking to school

thinking about who she was going to tell about her special find

She slowly pulled it out of her pocket and found

That it no more made a sound

She threw it away feeling foolish

Glad she didn’t share it at Show and Tell

Thinking now maybe she should have saved it.

Now no one will ever know

What she really found…..