A world of beauty and harmony

no borders, no visa and you can enter anywhere in the world where there will be,

no racist

no skin color

and no language barrier.

A healthy planet earth and environmentally friendly, where humans are responsible enough to face challenges of climate change. And there will be,

No sickness

No bacteria that thrives

No communicable disease and

No viruses to kill our human race.

There will be no floods, storms, hurricane, twister, earthquake and tsunamis.

And no more natural and manmade calamities.

There will be a negotiator of peace,

No barracks or great wall and no misunderstanding of rules

where brothers unified with common goal.

Living with one faith and belief.

Human dignity reign and

Emphatically define clearly, a solid common ground of one strong and united nation.

Where there will be,

No uprising

No civil unrest

And no more  missile to launch to create world war.

A country  of mutual understanding, patriotism, very civilized, honest and loyal.

And a true leader with

No hidden agenda

No hidden riches

whwre everyone enjoy equal distribution of wealth.

A country with no debts, no bankruptcy, no unemployment

And no political dynasty and pork barrel from the government funding to go to waste.

Our one and only planet earth will have a long life expectancy by living a stress free life to the rest of the human race.




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