#7 Season

This season

like no other

Last season

like no other

Holidays barely celebrated

gatherings no happening

Travel limited

for fear of exposure

to unseen germs and microbes

causing illness and death


#6 (2pm) Write about your ideal day

wake up 7am is good


shower- cause I need to tame my mane

get dressed

breakast… no, let’s go out to eat.

I miss this since mid March2020 quarantine time.

Yes, 2 pancakes, 2 eggs over medium,

and bacon, oh yeah and coffee, coffee, coffee.

My tummy is full, now

I want to read and write

before my brain becomes too active.


#5 at 1pm

Love in the wood

or more aptly, bark

Was this natural or…

did someone carve

love out of this log

for others to see.

#4 noon hour

an epistolary poem


I wish I had visited you more, then I couldn’t.

We were all told to quarantine (Dad too)-

told to stay home-go nowhere.

We never had a chance to say good bye

or even I love you.

Mysterious germs spreading

in even more mysterious ways.

You may have caught it from someone

who cared for you.

So sad, now you are gone.

#3 11am

I wrote a bio poem (didn’t like the BOP prompt)


who is creative and talented

who is related to everyone(since she is adopted)

who loves cats and dogs and quietness

who feels deeply emotions of others

who needs more sleep and quietness

who fears today’s world

who would like to see cures to nasty diseases

who shares her love and compassion

who is loving strong and faithful

who is a writer, crafter and reader



#2 10am

My recipe for happiness

5 ingredients are::

quiet time to reflect

time together= unity

reflection= for what could have happened but didn’t, so it’s good

time to listen- shows I care

time to take action- in some way

#1 9am


influential to me

and many man y more I was unaware of

She is gone now, May 1

Tributes and memories have filled

my FB feed


I never knew it mattered

meals on time every day

the house, cleaner than even she realized

as if she had standards to meet

I am writing

I am writing, just not posting yet. My tendonitis is more of a bother than I realized. I will write one poem per hour for 12 hours and post later.

2020 Poetry Marathon Intro

So much happens in a year. Since last years marathon, oh yeah I didn’t do that one because I was traveling to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary of friends. There were 3 couple there who all celebrated 30 years in 2019, myself included. Anyway I’m anxious to be back. This year I’m suffering tendonitis, I will persevere. I am eager to write 12 poems in 12 hours this year. Good luck to all

One More number 24

One more to do

a table for two

I think not

in this spot

Snuggled in bed

with a pillow under my head

That’s the thing

I need more than a fling