#3The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining


Been kinda overcast for days.

The sun is shining

in my heart

after much indecision.

The sun is shining

from above

fighting dark clouds

Shining sun is love.


Just Getting Started #1

I see this ending before it starts.

My thumb hurts already.

Probably need surgery

find out next week.

Don’t worry, I’m in it for 12 hours.

I’m here to write and discover.

This is such a wonderful experience.

I don’t even tell my family,

less chance they will find something for me to do.

My husband and son are working (carpenters)

My daughter is house and dog sitting

So I am home with our cat,

but my muse is missing.

Hello Again

I’m ready to go. I’m posting like I’ve done in past poetry marathons. The more I read about how to do it the more confused I get. I am not at all technologically inclined. The first time I did the marathon I surprised myself. So good luck to all.

#2 My recipe for happiness

5 ingredients are:

quiet time, to reflect

time together, unity

reflection, for what could have happened but didn’t, so it’s good

time to listen,shows I care

time to take action, in some way.

#9 use 5 of these words

firefly, bottle, mask, zoom, treeline, heat, strange, cottage


A firefly

trapped in a bottle

strange sight

in a treelined cottage

far far away from

any civilization

#8 my choice of a random prompt

A poem about practice

Practice is important

it makes you better

improving tolerance and ability

repetition is a good teacher

a teacher of increased diligence