Second chances

none here

After 23 hours

if the words

hit the page

the rage



to keep me

out of a cage.


A new beginning

a new start

Now is the time

with the sunrise

to tackle

this work


The suitcase

packed tightly

with treasures

some clothes

and some…

other stuff

important to me

probably not

to anyone else

my treasures

are unique

#20 Time Out

Time out

I need this


Put me in time out

I will sit quietly

enjoy the time

without noise

to disturb

peace in my world



Lanterns light the way

Dark nights

with lanterns glowing

showing the way

the light will lead us



chocolate chip cookies

great recipe

Makes about 8

decent size cookies

Great for late night

or early morning writing





who needs sleep

Creative juices are flowing

words are flying

from my brain to the page.

My brain won’t stop

for even a short nap

#16 midnight

Is it late

or is it early?

the clock shows 12

midnight or noon?

I call it late

cause it’s dark



Walls surround me

floors support me

and a roof over my head.

This is a house of love

love for you

love for me

and love for anyone in need.


Walking my path

is tricky

It’s not straight

nor is it smooth

Lots of bumps

and curves

Adventures and lessons

to be learned

and endured