Thom’s Brutality EXTREME hour 14

‘You think so highly of yourself don’t you?’ Thom’s eyes flashed with anger,
‘let me show you what you are!’

They had been lovers once, meeting in his hidden cottage, the recluse,
He forbade her to leave, kept her chained.
She abandoned the brute,

Her legs had carried her far, through field and woodlands,
Avoiding the roads, yet he still found her, dragged her back to his home.

With twine he tied her hands above her head,
Tied the rope excruciatingly tight, threads biting into her wrists.
His savage body forced her back against the wall and he tore down her leggings.
In the cool light of day he pulled her shirt and bra up to reveal erect cherry nipples,
And without hesitation took one into his mouth and sucked hard.

Her determination weaken, her fury diminished and twisted into desire.
His hand stroked her thigh until it met wetness,
There he circled his fingers tantalizing her.

His teeth took hold of her nipple and bit,
She yelped with a painful need.
His kisses dropped to her belly button and he encircled it with his tongue before exploring lower.

Teeth nipped gently,
Fingers entered her expertly,
He sucked at her arousal,
Bit carefully.

Her back arched as she willingly offered herself, a sacrifice to his dominant caresses.
Her eyes closed,
Her belly quickened and tightened,
Moans escaped from her slightly parted lips.
He drew his mouth back to her breasts as his hand took control of her intractable lust.
The well in her stomach overflowed.

‘This is what you are,’ he growled, ‘this is all you are.’
A thrumming sensation pulsed through her belly,
Her head tilted back and she moaned a needy sigh,
Release was imminent, she could not resist.

Thom released his grip and stepped back,
‘look at you,’ he sneered,
Kira’s body still ached for him.
‘Now beg me,’

His erection pressed firmly against his trousers as he watched her submissive, tied body hang desperately before him.
‘Please what?’
‘Please Thom, take me.’

His arm reached around her back and laid her on the rough floor.
His own excitement quelled mercilessly as he gazed over her restrained body laying helplessly before him,
He had reduced her to this and that only made him want her more.

In an instant he was inside her, driving furiously and cruelly through her.
This wasn’t love, it was a desperate fury.

Kira, unable to hold back any longer,
Clenched her fists, a ball of fire burned through her entire being.
Her total wantonness forced Thom’s desire to the brink,
In an instant he filled her, groaning deeply throughout his own release.

And once again she was his captive.

Suffocating EXTREME hour 13

Hand covers mouth,
Suffocating his orgasm,
Lasting eternity. Alone,
Fighting hands.
Personal passion,
At night!
Passion personal, hands fighting.
Alone, eternity lasting.
His suffocating mouth covers hand.

Tattoo Artist EXTREME HOUR 13

Scraping sting carved into her shin,
Spider of sin.

Magic ink brings spider to life,
Subdued with knife.

Sweat beads, under his threat, he drools,
The spider crawls.

Climbs her rigid corpse, a tear falls,
Deep breath as his creation climbs,
Death bite to the nipple, sublime.
Spider of sin, subdued with knife, the spider crawls.

Djinn Ibliss EXTREME AGAIN hour 12?????

Venturing out in the desert Sophia stumbled on a single Bedouin tent,
In darkness it seemed abandoned, an unusual find for her research.
Ambition drove her on and pride led her in, fearless wherever she went.
Seeking lost caves without her peers, to gain credit. Immune to the dangers.
Torch in hand she tried to inspect her find, light dimmed with batteries spent,
Undeterred, Sophia fumbled about in the dark, stumbling over her ruby robes.
A glimmer flickered and grew, shimmering from an unusual rock, heaven sent.
Grasping in the darkness she lifted the stone, it shifted and lifted with a lurch,
Shook and rumbled, vibrated and fell releasing an illuminated amber gas in the tent.

Lightening sparked with a blue electric flame, thundering the rock split.
Winds blew in the dark desert night and the tent slumbered in bleak black,
‘Willful one who has woken me, I have come abroad to serve thee. Please sit.’
Sophia fell unexpectedly, gained some of her composure and sat as requested.
‘I am Iblis and will perform three tasks for thee, whatever is deemed fit,’
Sophia shook her head, skeptical of all legends, religions, curses and myths.
Sensing her disbelief Iblis held out a gnarled hand and therein appeared a candle lit,
‘Test me child and make your first wish and I will show that my magic does not lack.’
‘Prove it to me,’ she retorted haughtily, ‘take me back to my apartment as I see fit.’

No time to blink an eye and her mind spun briefly, until her apartment came into view,
‘That is one wish granted. I have proven my worth, now make two more,’ Iblis cried.
‘I seek the lost caves of Ghazal and their treasures lost to time to back research new.’
Iblis flexed his long nails and turned his wrist, therein lay an ancient map.
‘For my final wish I wish to see the greatest splendors and pleasures endured by the few.’
A smirk crusted the djinn’s wizened skinned, and a cold laugh vomited at her proud naivety.
Walls pulsated and melted, welling into mirrors. Trapped, she was, in the looking glass cube,
‘What splendor is this?’ she wailed, turning intently, unable to find a door or place to hide.
‘You were not specific my love, so I became artistic. Splendors and pleasures just for us two.’

‘Djinn’s twist your wish,’ her professor had said, but arrogance of the find had filled head.
Breathless she waited and stilled, Iblis stared as his victim bathed in reality’s shock,
‘Splendor,’ he started as her robes vanished, ‘of the body or pleasures of the mind’s bed?’
Sophia covered her torso with quaking arms, Iblis pointed his nails, and the arms vanished.
No blood, just healed stumps in a moment surreal. Sophia heard herself scream, her face turned red,
She slumped to the floor entombed in dread. He crawled awkwardly across the glass, tongue extending,
Licking her feet, shin and thigh, between her legs and to her breasts high, sating the tongue of the dead.
‘Return my arms.’ she sobbed as his eternally imprisoned eyes filled with lonely lust, trapped in rock.
‘Granted if you return with me, my prisoner and lover for eternity.’ Nodding her arms returned from the dead,
And she took his extended hand, her soul bleeding with awe and dread.

Dreams Become New Sight EXTREME hour 12

Her marital bed, in the dead of night,
Lost on a dream sea, husband worked away.
Frustrated, restless, dreams become new sight.

Desperately sore, under dim street light,
From sad loneliness, during the slow day.
Her marital bed, in the dead of night.

Ghostly hidden hands, encourage a fright,
Tickling her skin, the fear kept at bay.
Frustrated, restless, dreams become new sight.

Caresses lower, she resists a fight,
Invisible touch, tendrils stroke away.
Her marital bed, in the dead of night.

Ghostly suitor mounts, unseen in the light,
Lover’s welcome touch, the ache ebbs away.
Frustrated, restless, dreams become new sight.

Squeezed breasts and filled soul, taking her with might,
She peaks and fear fills, but he slinks away.
Her marital bed, in the dead of night,
fulfilled and rested, dreams become new sight.

Eden’s Tree Hour 11

Neglected spinster
Neglected old apple tree
Branches wrap waist, lift.
Unholy bonding begins,
As bark and flesh become one.

Dusk EXTREME CONTENT poem hour 9

Blistering heat ices my chill in the eve’s dusk,
No sun nor daylight penetrate my prison’s dusk.

Eternity spent in night’s lava after dusk,
Time ties to the wire that binds in haunted dusk.

Cuts no longer burn, nor leeches wither at dusk,
Torture is my pleasure, for pain hides in the dusk.

Spiked, barbed wire strokes my shredded shins in fate’s dusk,
His shards tear into my being, senses at dusk.

After dusk comes long nights, after long night’s comes dusk,
And in both I am bound for painful pleasure’s dusk.

Taken by demon phallus at night, willing dusk,
Taken by demon wire at dusk, fleeing dusk.

Blistering heat ices my chill in the eve’s dusk,
Eternity spent in night’s lava after dusk.

Nancy’s Elegy EXTREME CONTENT hour 9

My wife, I miss you so much.
I think of the day I met you serving in a bar,
Your ringlets hung like bluebells,
And you wore more make-up than necessary,
But beneath the cheap appearance I saw the real you.
I saw the gentle you,
The you that I took took home and perfected.

My Nancy, I miss you so much.
I think of our holidays in Cuba, that I paid for,
And some of your funny habits,
Poorly domesticated, quirky Nancy. Safe under my wing.
But beneath the fearful disguise I saw the real you.
Protected you from scheming ‘friends,’
The you that I married far from home, just us.

My wife, I miss you so much.
I think of your attempts to please me, and your mistakes,
How you understood the need for my correction,
And learned to apologize for your failures.
But beneath that sorry exterior I saw the real you.
A head-strong type, hiding money in a secret account,
Attempting to thwart my nightly desire for you.

My Nancy, I miss you so much.
I think of our walks along the isolated beach by our home,
How I lavished you with presents,
And allowed you to swim in my watchful presence.
But beneath the isolation I saw the real you,
Tried so hard to correct and reason,
And reminded you of the debt owed.

My wife, I miss you so much.
I miss watching your eyes pleading under the sea’s sweet sheen,
I miss your futile attempts to escape my grasp as the bubbles rose,
I miss you, but you are not gone.