Poem 14 — Confusion & Hallucinations

Can you hear that??
The mailbox was talking,
What is going on?
The gas in my car
Got mad and started walking.
Knock! Knock! I heard at the door,
What a sight before fuchsia eyes!
I can’t take this anymore.
A big black tree smiled wearing breath smelling like thunder,
Who told him where I lived?
As I scratched my grassy eyes and clinched my purple teeth in wonder.

“I don’t have to tolerate this”,
Said all the faces on each bill,
“Stop talking to me”, I wanted to add,
But I said nothing, if only looks did kill.
“Come on and go with me!”
I exclaimed to the potholes,
Hold my shoes until I put my heart back in the rainbow of gold.
Thinking about you, my lovely bridge
Causes me weakness and frustration,
Now I’m full of deep confusion,
And all these hallucinations.

Poem 13 — Truly Missing You

It was yesterday we
Laughed away old memories,
For a minute I wanted to believe
You stepped away for a breeze,
Now I cry about you,
Wishing I could bring you back,
Normal doesn’t feel right,
My life is way off track.
I tried to find closure in this,
But nothing makes sense,
The more I hear the phone and the news, I battle with stress and be tense.
I have searched everywhere,
Hoping to find you by mistake,
I didn’t even have the heart
To celebrate your birthday with cake.
I can’t bear the thought of settling with you to never return,
The more I try to remember you,
My anger numbs me while my heart and emotions burn.
Some days I sit in silence,
Hoping I’d hear the sound of your voice,
My prayers still go unanswered,
If you walk through the door now,
Everything in me would rejoice!
I cry and I struggle to figure out what to do next,
Picking up my phone every hour,
Wishing you’d send me a text.
Right now my life should be perfect,
But not without you,
I am angry, I am hurt,
My child, I am truly missing you.

Poem 12 — 12 Hour Solitude

Spare me the glory,
Because I am in a panic
Over the Moon following me
down the interstate,
Accelerating the Jeep I invested
In to travel the lake,
It’s calling my name,
Screaming for met rest my breastbone on bae.
I long to enjoy the canopy we built
Under the stars.

May we rest and embrace the solitude ahead.

Poem 11 — Happy & Homeless

I live on cold concrete,
But that’s okay with me.
I am more content than the rich.
I am poor, broke and lonely.
I tried to live in a house,
But it required too much stress,
I hated buying everything,
I worked and dressed my life to impress.
I bought a sexy, muscular husband,
I decided to buy an expensive car,
I just couldn’t deal,
My mind got lost and disappeared far.
I worked and invested my money,
I even saved it in the bank,
But those dollar signs
Molded me dry like an empty gas tank.
I am happy without money,
I don’t have to eat,
I travel one area to the next,
And be surprised with a good treat.
I don’t plan to be anything,
Not bold or rich, just boneless,
I am not many things if anything,
I am happy and homeless.

Poem 10 — Praises to Caffeine!

I woke up this morning,
An hour later than planned,
I couldn’t pull my thoughts together,
Still I knew today would be grand.
Didn’t want any food,
I didn’t want to cook.
I could taste that cup of coffee,
That was all it took.
One cup wasn’t enough,
I needed more,
I grabbed another dose of caffeine
Heading out the door.
I love how it makes me laugh
When jokes are corny and bland,
It composes great thoughts
And inspires me into my own brand.
Thank you coffee,
You know how to begin my day,
God bless Pepsi
For helping me control what I say.
You boost my mind
Like fiber in a bean,
Your taste rocks my desires,

Poem 7– Struggling with Angst

I am all but the
Happiness I portray,
But I keep smiling,
Hoping for a better day,
Life travels everywhere
But in the distance I choose,
I forbid fighting battles,
I always lose.
Anxiety of trying too hard,
Confused on playing the right card.
Fear drags my emotions
Where I dare not go,
Forcing me to push
Away everyone I know,
Struggling with love and
Ambitions drain me, I feel faint,
Am I just struggling,
Or struggling with angst?

Poem 6– Heart- Sized Rainbow

I am the amazing woman
Life challenged me to be,
The beauty walking past

For ambitious, classy men to see,

Embraced with the love
Mom and dad gave me,
Filled with respect,
Ambitions, and stability,
I long to be the greatest
Of the greatness I show,
I am friendship, I am love,
I am a heart-sized rainbow.