Blue Moon

The moon had a cloudy night,

Refused to smile, and even shine,

Lonely and sad remained

Until a closer star invited her to chant,

The moon realized something new, in a cloudy sky,

Its light was always bright.

(Thirteen hour – Maritza M. Mejia)




Immigrate is usual

Travel a desire

Succeed an illusion


Long for roots

Let go the past

Start all over


Wherever they go

Traditions alive

Missing the past


Judge, unnecessary

Condemn, not a solution

Compassion, might help


On their shoes

We understand

The suffering


Let’s help the immigrant!

(Hour Twelve – Maritza M. Mejia)

Dancing Hues


Harmonic colors

Dancing across the heavens

Throwing rays of love

(Hour Eleven – Maritza M. Mejia)



Apple Season


Apple green light leaf

Falling gentle from the tree

Leaving peace beneath


Apple red light leaf

Changing yearly from the tree

Bringing lovely color beneath


Apple yellow light leaf

Coming lightly from the tree

Awaiting a new season beneath

(Hour Ten –  Maritza M. Mejia)





Spiders everywhere

A spider in my bed

A spider in my car

A spider in my cloths

Spiders everywhere


White spiders

Black spiders

Brown spiders

And even cotton candy spiders


In my bed

In my car

In my cloths

Oh no! Everywhere, every color


I’m glad! It was just a dream…

(Hour Nine – Maritza M. Mejia)

Golden Shovel

Here’s my attempt at a golden shovel:

The original line inspiring it is “After Aging Well” by Robert Lee Brewer

When you’re getting old

You are free to respond

Be like a frog

That sits and jumps

No thought given

You feel young, then kerplunk!


(Hour Eiight – Maritza M. Mejia)



Walking the streets day and night

Begging for food

Searching for job

Looking for shelter


I wondered

Who am I?

Where is my place?

To sleep tonight!


(Hour Seven – Maritza M. Mejia)


I hope for a place

To subsist in harmony

I hope for a space

With hope and faith


I hope for a place,

To rest and enjoy,

Is this a fantasy?

Or just a delusion?


I hope, one day

I can find that space

To live in peace

Do you know that place?


(Hour Six – Maritza M. Mejia)

My Terrace

A two floor house in the south

Memories from my youth

Mom’s laundry

Her sanctuary

Lovely gardening

Always charming

When cold days

Secret conversations took place

(Hour Five – Maritza M. Mejia)

Outsourcing Love


Outsourcing goods and work;

Can we outsource love?

I ask those who daily suffer indignities,

Who are sold into sex trafficking.


Outsourcing data and services;

Can we outsource love?

I ask those who day by day have no choice,

Who are sold for money to do despicable acts.


Outsourcing Nannies to give love to other children

Can we outsource love?

I ask those who often are paid unfairly,

Who undergo oppression.


Outsourcing, outsourcing!

Can we outsource love?

Or change this system,

Or just remain silent…


(Hour Four – Maritza M. Mejia)