I walk the streets day and night

Looking for a place

Searching for a job

Begging for some food


Only I find

Close doors

No opportunities

A hard piece of bread


Where is compassion?

Where is love?

Where is a place?

To sleep tonight!


(Free style, Hour 11 @Mejia 7:20 p.m.)



Living half a century

Allows me to glimpse

The beauty of my life

The test of growing up

The relief to obtain a degree

The pleasure to travel the world

The excitement of getting married

The miracle of being a happy mother

The delight of having my books published

The worries of my children entering College

The challenge to be happy with an empty nest

The honor to serve to my Church and the Community

The acceptance to realize what I have and don’t have

The opportunity to be me

The joy of one more day

The gratitude to be alive


Thank you Lord!

 (Free style -Hour ten @Mejia 6:30 p.m.)

Oatmeal in Heaven

 A simple meal

Reminds me of early days

Uncomplicated mornings

Simple as oats


Pour, mix, stir, and wait

Nothing else

Straightforward meal

Simple as oats


Here I am preparing oatmeal

My mother’s breakfast

Unsophisticated woman

Simple as oats


I miss her so much

Every lone day

Mixed emotion feelings

Simple as oats


Mom, Happy Birthday in Heaven

(Pantoum, Hour 8 @Mejia 6:00 p.m.)


 I hope for a place,

To subsist in harmony,

Is this point anywhere?

Please, tell me where it is!


I hope for a place,

With hope and faith,

Do you know this space?

Please, guide me!


I hope for a place,

To rest and enjoy,

Is this a fantasy?

Or just a delusion?


I hope, one day

We can live in a land as this!

And forget

The violence around us…


(Free style – Hour two, @Mejia 10:10 a.m.)

Welcome Marathon 2016

Wishing everyone a wonderful Marathon 2016! I can’t believe an entire year has passed since the 2015 Marathon.

This year I am going to link my poems for a theoretical chapbook called “Añoranzas.”

Have fun 🙂

Introducing me!

Hello everyone!

I am mother, educator, bilingual author and translator. I write to inspire others to be a better person. This is my second Poetry Marathon. Welcome to all the first time participants!


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