Hour 15

Woot gunna get caught up soon! I hope


Hour 15


I have always loved stories

So it was no surprise I entered fandom

A space about stories 

And the tales they create

It’s where I found my favorite plots

Those enemies to lovers

The only one bed

The pretend we’re dating

The we’ve been in love but they can’t love me

And I’ve noticed I’ve always loved love stories best

Hour 14

I was going to use the prompt but then the poem I wrote didn’t make sense for it.


Hour 14 


Social media is amazing at letting us connect

I’m able to see update on family I don’t see often

I can be part of their life states away

I can forget that they aren’t still just states away

That my friends list isn’t already 

Becoming an obituary 

That they weren’t one to post so it makes sense they aren’t

Hour 13

Slowly catching up.


Hour 13


Some days I wonder if I should’ve sent that text

Because now we have spoken at all in over a year

And maybe you were a bit shit at responding

But when we held conversations 

I thought you knew me

That you understood who I was

And you wanted to know more

I thought I knew you

That I was seeing who you were

And I wanted to know more

Now I think you shouldn’t text when drinking

Hour 12

I am feeling short poems today. But I am focusing on getting some words written rather than making long poems. Editing can add more words if needed.

Hour 12 used prompt for hour


Some days I feel like I’m in a closet

That is trying to help me figure out me

To see what sort of personality I wear that day

To see what sort of people I love

To see what I choose to drape on my body

Hour 11

Realized I probably should’ve been noting when I don’t us the prompt for the hour… oh well


Hour 11


Every seven years I have a new body

All my cells have changed

And yet I feel the same 

I wonder how many years it takes

For my soul to change

For my spirit to find new beliefs

To think in new shades

How many years do I wait

Hour 10

Hour 10


Quietly sipping my warm tea

As voices fade in and out of hearing

As music plays just loud enough 

To hear the words of my favorite song

And I let the warmth and calm take me

Keep me in this space of love

Hour 9

Hour 9


The moon has always been here

Watching us change the earth

Seeing us try to capture beauty 

And we see the moon as beauty

Try to show its likeness on paper

On film

On clay

On any media we can use

For the moon has always been here

Hour 8

So many poems so much sleep wanted. Note for the future don’t go to a ren faire the same day as the marathon.

Hour 8


My arm is a notepad waiting for words

Usually a shopping list

Sometimes tic tac toe

A few times the smallest chapbook

I fill the lines of the notebook page

With different words

Each mark etched until I shower next

Hour 7

I’m hoping to catch up soon!


Hour 7


The best poems are almost the ones without words

A ceiling that had glow in the dark stars

But they forgot one before painting over it

The flowers growing in cracks of the sidewalk

The art of carving God’s hand reaching out to Adam

Onto a pink eraser to be a stamp

They way your lovers hand feels in yours

Hour 6

Hour 6 used marathon prompt


I stand on the edge and stare down

Stare into the worlds beyond

Each of the other places so far

The other worlds floating around 

Or maybe it’s our world that moves

But that’s not the point

The point is I’m staring at these worlds

And I’m waiting for them to be close enough

Because if I’m lucky

The next world will catch me

The next disc and it’s life will catch me

And let me explore its surface

Discover this other world 

Before I stand on the next edge