Blow It Away

Put it in a bubble and blow it away
It must go, get on with living
All the hurt
All the pain
It’s not for you anymore

Life has taken so much
But you have more to give
All the roads
All the journeys
It’s time for you to begin

Stand up and shake it loose
Too much is headed your way
All the happiness
All the excitement
Put it in a bubble and blow it away

The Light

Standing alone wanting to dance
The sparks, I see them
Pouring into me
Pouring out of me

Dancing alone but I’m dancing
The sparks, I have them now
Lifting me up
Lifting this weight

I’m dancing but not alone
I’ll keep these sparks
Making me whole again
Making me dream

Simple and Sweet

Mediocrity in life
Make a choice
Take a chance
Somehow rising
It is happening
Where did it go
It has disappeared
Finally released.

I Wish

Why does love hurt so much?

And make you yearn for just one touch.

I wish he were here with me,

Or just somewhere for me to see.


Love can hurt so bad,

And really makes you sad.

I wish he would appear in my dreams,

Or just be here to stop my screams.


Love can cut you deep like a knife,

And what hell it can bring to your life!

I wish he were still mine,

Or could just give me a sign.


Love can tear your world apart,

Make you feel cheated and not restart.

I wish he could still be here,

Or just would come and ease this fear.


Hi, my name is Tanya and I’m new to this marathon thing. I used to write stories and poems all the time but I lost a fiancee in 1994 to drowning and then in 1998 I lost another one when he was hit while riding his motocycle. I have kids by both. Anyway I’ve been busy raising my kids and just trying to get back to me. I’m throwing myself into this because I want to get back to writing and what better way than to stay up posting poems every hour. I hope to embrace what emotions and creativity I may have in me. Thank you for letting me be involved.