4. The Messenger IV

That book I wrote has now been published

It’s a success and I am so surprised how easy it has been

Simply because I wasn’t attached to the outcome

And that I simply created this habit of writing every day( in the morning )

So much so that I didn’t stop writing

Many more ideas for books come to me every day

While I was writing the first one

I have now a creative habit and a system in place

Not a single idea, good or bad,

Is ever lost now

Everything is kept in a precise place

So I can find it again anytime I need or want

And with the distance on them,

I can now easily tell if it’s a good one or not

Same with my artworks: when I look at them

6 months or one year later, I know ( let alone my agent guiding me )

I am featured on TV ( yes that still exists, I cannot believe it myself )

And in online programs, which attracts even more people

And inspire them to awaken the artist in them and

Take action on their dearest dreams

3. The Messenger III

Already one year ago,

It was a great success

That first exhibition

So much confidence, I gained, from that success

This year has seen a huge growth for me and my Art

I am producing more big colourful drawing / writing than ever

I have an agent and he is really pushing me to overcome myself

I get inspired and focused so much I am totally confident

I got 2 new exhibitions as the first one opened doors in the international Fine Arts field

I am represented by 2 galleries: one in Paris and another one abroad

I started an online course about wisdom and how to awaken our inner genius

It’s a good success and I have given two talks about my journey and my wisdom

I am inspiring more and more artists that can see

It’s never too late to start an artistic career

Never too late to manifest your dearest dreams

I have also started writing a book that comes through me so easily

Two years ago I could not at all imagine

What I am experiencing now

It’s a complete turn around for me

No compromise any longer

2. The Messenger II

One year has gone

Same city, different room

Still alone

With even more many

My needs and more are met

I found a great job I bet

Got another room

Where I go very early morning

To honour and practice

My creativity

Full colours and full size

Big drawing and dreaming

I’m alone now, in this room

Not alone in this life

In just one week, my first

Exhibition in plain light

Where I share

With all who care

I’m alone

I’m with all


1. The Messenger I

I’m alone in this room

In this city, with so many

I’m alone and I compromise

With my biggest disguise

I am alone and I compromise

With so much effort, like a child

I’m meant to be with you all

I’m meant to communicate and share

But I stay here and I don’t fall

For that fair share

My biggest dream is to share all with all

I don’t do it because…

Because I’m afraid

Afraid of what?

Being Rejected?


How is that even possible?

(Not like me at all)

I’ve been trying

But dispersed and distracted

I changed too many times direction

I’m alone in this room

In this city, with so many

I am alone and I compromise

24. I am plentiful

I am plentiful

I am abundant

I am numerous

I Proliferate

I Superabound

I Thrive

I Flourish

I am thick on the ground

I am Superabundant

I am Considerable

I am Copious

I am Ample

I am Lavish

I am Luxuriant

I am Profuse

I am Boundless

I am Munificent

I am Bountiful

I am Prolific

I am Inexhaustible

I am generous
I am Galore

I am plenteous

I am rich

I am extravagant

I am liberal

I am unstinting

I am fulsome

I am effusive

I am gushing

I am immoderate

I am unrestrained

I am excessive

I am inordinate

I am over the top

I am gushy

I am generous

I am large

I am huge

I am great

I am bumper

I am flush

I am overflowing

I am infinite

I am opulent

I am teeming

I am a gogo

I am lank

I am many

I am a lot of

I am a great many

I am very many

I am countless

I am innumerable

I am several

I am quite a few

I am various

I am diverse

I am a great number of

I am a great deal of

I am a quantity of

I am quantites of

I am an abundance of

I am a profusion of

I am profusion

I am a multitude of

I am frequent

I am lots of

I am umpteen

I am loads of

I am masses of

I am stacks of

I am heaps of

I am piles of

I am bags of

I am tons of

I am oodles of

I am scads of

I am dozens of

I am hundreds of

I am thousands of

I am millions of

I am billions of

I am zillions of

I am more than one can shake a stick at

I am a shedload of

I am a slew of

I am a bunch of

I am gazillions of

I am bazillions of

I am a swag of

I am a shitload of

I am Myriad

I am Multitudinous

I am Numberless

I am innumerous

I increase rapidly

I grow rapidly

I multiply

I become more numerous

I mushroom

I snowball

I burgeon

I escalate

I rocket

I run riot

I prosper

I grow vigorously

I develop well

I bloom

I blossom

I do well

I advance

I make strides

I succeed

I shoot up

I boom

I profit

I expand

I go well

I grow rich

I am flourishing

I am prospering

I am growing

I am developing

I am burgeoning

I am blooming

I am healthy

I am successful

I am advancing

I am progressing
I am luxuriant
I am booming

I am profitable

I am expanding

I am fast-growing
I am going strong
I am a thriving business

I spring up

I bear fruit

I burst forth

I put on a spurt

I am in good shape

I am in good health

I am in its heyday

I make headway

I improve

I become better

I mature

I evolve

I move forward (in leaps and bounds)

I move ahead

I get ahead

I am in the pink

I go places

I go great guns

I get somewhere

23. Falling in Money

We all have fallen in Love

But how many

Have fallen in Money?


And like I love to say

“What about rising in Love?”

So why not

Rising in Money?


I didn’t know how long

It would take

Because I had no clue

This could ever happen


But now that it has happened

What a joy, what a dance

Of abun-Dance


From the wave

The big wave

Of Money


I have fallen in Money

Surrendered to Money

To My honey Money

I have fallen

And now I am rising

From Money in Money


Falling in Money


Rising in Money

Are two extraordinary

Experiences of honey


The wave is flowing

And pouring all over me

And you and everyone

Money Honey Bunny

The wave is forever flowing

All over me


Let’s fall in Money

Again, my honey

22. Money is Me

Money is me

Me is Money

I am my honey

Money bunny

It’s all in me

Pouring from within

Money is me

Me is money

My dearest honey

Money Bunny

I am in love with

My money

I am in love with

My Money Bunny

I am in money with

My love

My love Bunny

My dearest honey

21. Magic


Money is Magic

It creates all the best things and experiences in this world

Money is Magic

The more you share

The more you receive

That’s why Money

Is Love

Like Love

It’s getting more powerful the more you use it

Actually you cannot use it

It takes you to a whole new level of life

Money is Magic

It creates the most incredible miracles

Money is magic

Let’s spread this reality now

Money is at your service

It is whatever you want it to be

If you choose, consciously or not,

To have none

That’s what you’ll have

If you choose to have a lot

The same

You’ll have a lot

Money is love

At your service

Like the Universe

Money will serve you

As long as you serve the Universe

And yourself in the first place

The Universe only wants you to be you

To serve all universe at your best

Just being you

Of service

Once you got that

The red carpet of the Universe

Is there for you to walk on

And the money to pour on you

I wish everybody would know that

I wish everybody would experience

Money is Magic

20. Money is Light

Money is Light

Pouring all over me

Washing my heart

Soothing my muscles

Clearing my voice

Opening my path

Money is Light

Pouring all over me

Money is Light

Healing all that is

Money is Light

Coming from within

Shining like a bright star

All over me

When I wake up

Up until I go to sleep

And even in my dreams

The bright day Light

Is pouring all over me

And my dreams are full

Of bright white light power

All over me and everything

Money is Light

Blinding me my eyes

To open my Heart

To the power of

Money is Light

I send it all to you

Light Money

All to you

Is all to me

The more I give

The more I take

The more I have

The more I give

Money is Light

And the more that Light

Is given

The brighter it becomes

So much so

That all is love

Money is Light




Even itself

Money is Light

Pouring all over me

I have to share

Because that is the true

Nature of Money

Money is Light

19. Are you afraid?

Are You Afraid or are you in love?

In one case you will be more afraid

and in the other, you will receive a bunch of money


Are You Afraid or are you in love?

You can’t be both you know