Eighth Hour

If you play with fire

eventually you’ll

get burned

isn’t this the way

it always is


I never thought anything

was supposed to get to me.

I thought I was




thick skinned


one day

43 minutes

Not so sure I

can make it


But you did this to me

made me feel






You did this to me

hurt me

pushed me down

Made me feel

like I couldn’t do

anything right


two days

1 hour

20 minutes

how long since


I want to ask you

notice me

see what I’m doing

to make you happy

not me

I don’t matter


I am not perfect

and I’m not the ldeal

I can’t help it

I can’t be what you

want me to be


three days

8 hours

little by little

I’m doing it

Are you proud


I’m tired of trying to conform

to what

you want

you think

you wish

you hope

I would be


It’s not

going to happen

I have my own mind

but you still try to

push it


nitpick a little more

why don’t you

find something else

wrong with

my attitide

my language

my choices



four days

14 hours

56 minutes



Everytime I do it

I feel like a failure

like Im disgusting

like I’m unworthy

to even be seen


I can’t do it anymore

I can’t make bad choices

can’t spend my life trying

to please you

It only brings me down


what I know now

is you may only have

my best interests at heart

but you pick the wrong way

to go about it


Am I different

Do I look better

Are you pleased yet

Can I stop this ridiculous



the clock’s ticking

time is going by

but you still

don’t see it

call me a drama queen


Five days

13 hours

the constant

craving’s still there

not as strong though


I can’t be what everyone else

wants me to be

It’s not right

It’s not going to happen


I know you want me to

have everything

that I could ever want

And I appreciate that

but it doesn’t change facts


You aren’t good for me

you claim to love me

but yet you hurt me this



six days

1 minute

I’ve reached it

my breaking point


I’m crawling along

on the floor

on my hands

my knees



You broke me


Made me not

want it anymore


Take a second

just to breathe


Don’t want it anymore



damn you

I get over one addiction

Just to get fucked with

another one


Seven Days

I’m done

no more cravings

if they come up

I just ignore



Soon I won’t

be able to fight off


not a cold

not an infection

not even diseases


Maybe you’re proud of me now.


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