Seventh Hour




So I start with three

simple verses

From the book of truth

Spoken by you

Taken to heart by men


Therefore, in order to keep

me from becoming conceited,

I was given a thorn in

my flesh, a messenger of

Satan, to torment me


Three times I pleaded with

the Lord to take it away from

me. But he said to me, My grace

is sufficient for you, for my power

is made perfect in weakness.


How is your power made

perfect in my weakness Lord

Do you know what I’ve been

through in my life thus far


Do you know the trials and

struggles that I face everyday

The hopes and dreams that

I have seen dashed to peices

on the ground


Late night conversation

with a friend

a brother in your name

I was a wreck


I told him I was in

danger of falling

back to old habits

old addictions

old ways of living


I don’t want to fall

I don’t want to go back

to what I used to be

How I used to live my life

Help me please


He looked right at me

Sadly shaking his head

pointed a finger at me


You’ve become conceited

in your clean living

Taking the credit for your


when you know full well

It wasn’t your doing


It was God’s doing

He took

your pain

bore your shame

Every insult that you’ve uttered

You uttered at him


Everytime you partook in your


It was a slap in his face

not yours


Threw myself onto my face

Felt like I was pushed

by some unseen force

an unseen hand


Lord Almighty

I’m sorry

No more of this

running from you

doing things to spite you

To hurt you

to shame you


Take me Lord

Fit me in your plan

Bend me to your will

save me God

Even though I deserve


I humbly beg this of you.


I’m not worthy to be saved


Yet you saved me anyway

You take me back no matter what

You once said there is NOTHING

that I will ever do where you won’t

still love me, where you won’t still

take me back


So tonight I will pick up my cross

And follow you

Teach me Lord

Show me your mercy

Show me your Grace

Love me


Because I love you God



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