Fourth Hour

I’m sorry I made you mad

when I messed my pants again

for the third time in one hour

I just couldn’t mke it

fast enough


And I’m sorry that my babbling

annoys you

I can’t always find the right words-

And it takes longer than most to

find them.

Please don’t ignore me


Please don’t be angry that I’m

so slow

I can’t move as fast as I used to

I have nowhere special to be now


Don’t act as though I’m a burden-

I don’t mean to be

I used to be on my own

Now I need help with everything


Please understand that I’m

Trying to retain my dignity

while giving up the choice

to live on my own


I know that you move

at a faster pace and my

slowness only angers you

Please have patience with me

I’m like a baby once more


I understand that it was

easier for me to come here

than for you to care for me

You tried- and for that alone

I love and thank you


Please understand that I am

scared and confused-

angry and maybe

even a little happy

Just accept me


Please hold my hand

and know that it gives me

comfort to hold the hand of

one who loves me


I have stories to tell

memories to share

feelings to feel

sit and listen-

Know me.


Please try to understand

my anger

My own body is rejecting me.



****Inspired by my Father, who struggled for several years.


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