22~ Blue Clouds

I would like to lie outside all day

on a cool, soft green lawn

near a beautiful, shady tree

under a clear calm crystal~blue sky.


A whispery billowy bluey puff of a cloud

would softly skip over me

as a squirrel or two chased each other

around me.


I would stretch out and kick off my shoes

and close my eyes

and smile

for a long time.


Perhaps I would sigh deeply~

the smell of wildflowers would linger nearby

ever slowly, a rosy glow would spread over me

whilst I thought of you.


I would relax

and I would imagine, and dream

and just be sooo very wonderful inside…


(As long as there weren’t any bugs around)

One thought on “22~ Blue Clouds

  1. I loved reading this poem “Blue Clouds.” The descriptions were amazing. You made very good use of alliteration so that sentenced were soft and flowed nicely e.g., “under a ckea, calm crystal-blue sky.” Around stanze 4 or 5, you used an archaic terms “wilst”- I don’t think this adds anything to the poem- sort of stands out a bit to me as all the otehr words in your poem are modern. I love how you paint this poem with your descriptions-beautiful!

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