Poem 9: I do not wish

I do not wish to write a poem about a spider

instead of I want to write about a fly

that does not want to die a pest

but see himself as an aviator,

a hero of the World War.

Or maybe about a Dean Young’s moose

in lyrical fashion

I would rather a write an article

interviewing a worm,

half-drowned by the August rains

about the dire situation of the ravenous seagulls.

I have tried to do the taxes of the ant colony but

their deductions got too complicated, too many pheromones

or the romance novel of bees.

I would prefer to write an encyclopedia of famous beetles

in their little impeccable hats and their striking moustaches

or lacey parasols.

I won’t write about the ballet of spiders

that pirouette around the windowsill,

tip toe across the floor.

I just won’t.





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