prompt #12 — in the closet


People tell me stories.

Mostly their own.

How her beloved came out

as trans, and how she left him

her.  And how s/he wants

to be friends, and how she can’t.

How her husband was a serial cheat

unfaithful with her best friend.

How her own sister

had to tell him no.

And I wonder: am I a kind of closet?

As they offer me their stories

is it a kind of coming out?

Requiring trust, and a doorway

opening into sharing…?

What is it about closets, anyway?

That we place our secrets deep

within them, that walking out

of them is a declaration

a kind of freeing.

And am I a kind of doorknob..?


13 thoughts on “prompt #12 — in the closet

  1. Following your musings, I caught myself nodding, and then I laughed outright with your final question, “And am I a kind of doorknob?”
    This is also extends tender consideration people unique, brave decisions during an extraordinary time. It reveals compassion.

  2. Love ‘am I some kind of closet,’ all the secrets divulged. Not to mention, of course, your hilarious opening about the cat. So much mixed in here – humor, compassion, philosophy, life … Wonderful. Thanks so much – and good to read you again!

  3. Oh, I love this…your musings and questioning if you are indeed a closet because of the confidences that you hold-brilliant! I also giggled at the last line too…Am I a doorknob-lol! Well done!!! Thanks for adding in the humour 🙂

  4. Agree with the previous comments and can relate to this poem completely… It says a lot about you that so many people can trust you and the notion of how that may be a closeting of sorts – the secrets held… I love your take on this prompt and the exploration of trust and doorways in/out… the freeing… yes!

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